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Breaking Point – A Star Wars Story [fan-film] | HD


There are no feelings There is peace There is no ignorance only knowledge There is no passion Just serenity There is no death Come on There is force Let's see how the old way will help you in a real fight, brother

This time I'm going to shake that Sita out of you, big brother Let's see, little brother And watch for expression I apologize, oh, righteous And you're dead

Faster! Connect those movements! Come on! Concentrate! You're dead again, my little one This is boring God dammit! I guess it adjusts to stunning! I didn't know, I checked it now You almost killed me, you idiot Maybe your mom and dad rightly sold you Proxima

You know you're not gonna get this one, right? Never Now say that Come on Say it Say it! Let me

Don't be ashamed The Jedi is not crying Get up Bags, it's easy to provoke you That's why you're losing

Emotions Yes, Nole You're right You are always right That's why she left you

You always have to be right What? -Nothing, just I just won't see us

Why are you worried? I told you it was over We are not slaves to your brother or our past We decided, right? To bury the past That's right She's buried

No no! Nobody goes inside Ben's orders He makes a speech on the hill He left me to watch And you just want to go and hear him

It's okay, I can watch But you have to promise me Don't go in Seriously It's fine

I promise And you have to promise me you won't leave me for Ben Tempting I will think about it Bags, look, I'm sorry

I told you some unforgivable things Not now, Nole Bag, what's the matter? You know I didn't mean any of that You know I love you, little brother This has nothing to do with our quarrel! Wait! Tell me what happened! Listen to me

You let fear and jealousy bring you to the edge of the dark side We need to tell Master Skywalker what happened Okay! Go! Tell him that the former death-stick dealer is now walking the light! Bags, I saw You saw what you wanted to see, brother That's it, brother The end

Bags, we need to find a Skywalker teacher and we immediately break this madness Luke Skywalker is dead He was killed by Ben Solo Stop lying, you little idiot! Our friends are dying! – Calm down, brother Anger leads to the dark side

Bags Kes, come on Come on, little brother

Come on You finally did it Shut up, Baby Poor Kes He really loved you

But nothing else matters I told you to shut up! The time of the Jedi is over, Nole! All the City is dead! It's just us! I should have known You're the one who's always been blind Why, Baby? I'd forgive you all, Nole But not her

Never her Little brother I saw in your vision Darth Vader

You saw what you wanted to see As always, big brother Fulfill your destiny I will miss you This is the end of the Republic The end of a regime that tends to clutter Right now, in systems far from here, </i> new republic

She took Ab-Nazar Turn it off My warrior, you deserve a break

– Another, Work, for the old days Can not Go home We are not your brother's slaves nor our past No feelings Say it! Just peace

<i> Bury the past </i> There is no passion Just serenity There is no chaos Just harmony

There is no death Exists

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