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BREAKING NOW | Second Stimulus Package & $600/wk Unemployment Benefit Extension POSTPONED TO AUGUST


Hi everyone! This is Dr Nitin Chhoda and welcome to this important episode of Ignition Time

There also some interesting comments from the Republican Kevin McCarthy who's a House Minority Leader This is interesting he served previously as the House Majority Leader from 2014 through January 2019 and these are important announcements from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy about the next stimulus package which could potentially be postponed until the first week of August So definitively tell us what's what? What about the payroll tax holiday? Is it in there? Will it stay in? And what are its chances? I believe it will stay in as one of the elements of what we need to do There is a large part of what we need, liability protection We need people going back to work

So is the bonus to work, do we look at We know a lot of people are unemployed, how do we continue to deal with that? We look at not the question if but how do we go back to school? So we want to make sure it's safe for the students and for the teachers And that's what we're looking at the funding be able to be able to move forward in those areas as well Are there tax incentives that help individuals be able to survive? We're looking also we have a lot of positive sitting out there We have money already appropriated more than a hundred billion for States

Can we change that and make it more flexible that the states can use it for other items? Can we use more we have about a hundred billion left in the PPP program that was so successful and we're w atching other states begin to have to shut down again So can we assist in those small businesses as well? This is just part of the process so there's going to be debate, it's healthy debate It's people having different ideas and then make the very best ideas going into the build that will become a law So I envision that this bill doesn't get done by the end of July, I envision that same process happens probably with the speaker holding it up trying to get something else into the bill we'll probably in the first week of August before we make this happen I get lots of people emailing about liability protection saying why why do we need any more liability protection? If you get a flu a company isn't responsible for liability in that case

Can you can you sort of just walk the audience through it? I'll walk the audience directly through it There are already more than a thousand lawsuits between school districts and businesses and others claiming that you got COVID there even though we cannot prove where COVID came from If an individual was able to get it from a place So there you have a number of small businesses saying here I am in a challenge I'm not going to open back up you have school districts saying I'm not going to open back up because the fear that I'm gonna be sued for this So why don't we give a protection to businesses, to schools and others

Going forward, let's go to 2019 on up to 2024 so we can move forward with this I think it's critical for the economy but more importantly for our education system that they're not bogged down with thousands of trial lawyers just finding a way to bring a suit against them If thinking that this is a place for that they would capture money What are your thoughts on the focus of the administration? Because it's pretty clear what's going to happen I think the framework of what's likely to happen is out there it's pretty evident, it's pretty obviously I'd love to hear your thoughts and I look forward to interacting with the community

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Thank you so much! I will see you in the next video Take care, bye!

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