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BREAKING NEWS : World Cup winner wants to Liverpool move this week


Kilian body was already established himself as one of the best lawyer in the world having won the World Cup in Twitter and the anthem had stopped out our vision for yourself according to ACN the tuner is Julian louder first up let's apply on to Liverpool as a rocket propulsion this coming long however the fee which is expected to be around 15 million euro 300 million euro to 315 million euro including bombers Babbitt has been quick Pahlavi in his admiration for Liverpool and recently tries to head for the mentality and then sitting mistake for Monaco Murphy has said to be life scientist mom – LTS me he won the French player appeal in 2018 and 2019 and led the national team to the World Cup in 2018 in 2018 he was recorded Radian of tolerance when sizes of them made for his wrongs in the national team particularly Liverpool and currently the European and you would champion however is unlikely for you to pay a big loss to do among the center is stuck by Judy blob in arms of live interview apart from the transfer fee nipple course we also had to rescue tube today way quickly to accommodate defenseman each was often funded a box with my keystrokes this one hammer loud and also I'm from Stein outside the term married remind Barbary mob there is no doubt that puppy is one of the woods drain a weapon much environment and buying from the system rather than waiting a system to create a player livable already inflation of the team within it's the best year for health it will be interesting to see in barbecuing this unit you

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