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[BREAKING NEWS] Weak Seonho faints in summer :( [2 Days & 1 Night Season 4/ENG/2020.06.28]


Summer has finally begun – Yes

/ – It's so hot We were warned that this summer will be the hottest in history Do you have any concerns? I'm worried about Seyoon – Me? / – He sweats a lot – He gets heated up

/ – Yes Summers are the worst I have to bring 20 tees – For a day / – Even when we shoot on a set, the staff says, "Take your spots," but he stands still

I asked, "You're not going?" He said, "This is the fatty zone" He was standing right where the AC hits It's not just me Go to the supermarket There are people who stand under the cold air

It's raining Like Rain on stage (It's raining) They stand there with their shopping cart It's 100 percent

They're standing under the AC – What about you, Seonho? / – Seonho I'm worried about the bugs I can tell you're concerned Why do you look so glum today? Is it because I came after a shoot? What if Seonho passes out now? Jongmin, don't bring that up

– What if he gets a nosebleed? / – You kept showing it People think I keep passing out They asked me if I was okay when I went to a cafe Was it summer when you passed out? Yes – It was summer

/ – You have to be careful I'm worried about summer the most – Okay / – I might pass out One of you should keep an eye on him

– Please keep an eye on me / – We might need a medical team It sounds like you guys are worried about the heatwave and mosquitos To address your concerns, we have come up with this special It's Project to Improve Fitness for Summer

(I'm doomed) – I'm doomed / – Wouldn't they give us – a lot of food? / – Improve our fitness? To improve our fitness, we'd climb mountains and so on (The VR is clueless) I hope we get samgyetang

Right We'd invigorate ourselves – To get energy / – We must invigorate ourselves – What should I do? / – They won't take care of us

– Improve our fitness? / – There must be a sub-theme The sub-theme is (Project to Improve Fitness) It's probably Roll Your Body

(That's probably it) – Fitness / – We must check that

– We'll use our bodies / – There's always a catch So you'll make us exercise? We want you guys to brave through the upcoming hot summer Throughout today, you will travel while enjoying legendary dishes – to invigorate yourselves / – What? – Why? / – My gosh

– Really? / – My gosh – "But" / – All day today? – "But

" / – "But" – "However" / – "Of course" – "Not everyone can eat it" / – There's no catch – I meant it / – Can all of us eat it? Of course, not

We'll probably play games Do you guys have a favorite invigorating dish? – An invigorating dish? / – Samgyetang – That's the most famous one / – And – I like eels / – Eels There are eels and samgyetang I like chicken and seafood soup

The soup with octopus, abalones, and lots of seafood You like dishes that cost over 150 dollars That's the starting price Since they're using a corporate card, – you want to squeeze them out / – Right

Or the ox bone soup – I like that / – Ox bone ramyeon – "Ox bone ramyeon"? / – Are you serious? (Adding ramyeon in the ox bone soup) – It went from healthy to unhealthy / – Be honest

You're trying to film a ramyeon commercial, right? – I want to eat ramyeon / – Ox bone ramyeon – It's about time he gets one / – Ox bone ramyeon

Source: Youtube

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