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BREAKING News: USCIS Alert – Work Permits Affected? July 15, 2020


Hi everyone! Our firm wanted to get on today to announce an alert that just happened a few hours ago USCIS had a policy alert regarding work permits

And we know this is super important to anyone going through the immigration process You're anxiously awaiting your work permit And so any changes regarding the work permit is something we definitely want to make sure that we share So we basically want to make sure that you get the truth about what this policy alert really means So USCIS has this about two page document that explains in a whole bunch of legal jargon that they have the discretion to decide whether or not an individual should get their work permit

But basically, if you're an individual who doesn't practice immigration law, like all of our attorneys on our team do, the document probably doesn't mean a whole lot to you or make a whole lot of sense And so that's why we want to make sure you have clarity and understanding about what the document means So the reality is that immigration loves to release alerts and information like this to let us know that basically "we can do this," but it's not clear exactly what they're planning on doing with it So with this document, they're basically saying, "Oh, we just wanted to make a policy alert to let everyone know that we have the ability to decide whether or not somebody should get a work permit" And the reality is, is there not a whole lot more than them just making that announcement that they can make this decision

It's kind of, we kind of talk about it here in the office, that Immigration is kind of like a child sometimes on the schoolyard that likes to say, "I can do this because I can" And that's what they're doing, but it's not clear on how they're planning on implementing it What we know is as being experts in immigration and we've focused solely on practicing immigration for couples and marriage-based immigration We know that typically when immigration makes an announcement like this, they're making this announcement as a preliminary step They're letting us know that they can do whatever that they want to do or they think they can do whatever they want to do

And then it's a preliminary step to them taking other steps and doing other things The reality, though, is that we don't really know how it's going to be implemented And so by that, we mean we don't really know what immigration is going to do with this, because it is a preliminary step We've actually our attorneys, when we go to interviews with clients, we know that we hear officers sometimes say, oh, you know, such and such policy alert was just released, but they don't even know what it means because they have to train their staff and they have to explain it to them exactly what what the decision means or what the alert means and how they're supposed to implement it So the reality is, is that for all of our all of our clients, everyone who has applications pending, nothing has changed in what's being submitted

So the applications we're submitting We are not There's no additional documents required at this time There hasn't been any information about how they're going to implement this So if you're an individual who has your application filed for adjustment of status and you have your work permit with that, you might get a request from immigration for more documents or they they might be just using this policy alert so they can focus their energy on working on the adjustment applications and not having to make decisions on the work permit applications And because we know that the furloughs will be happening soon with Immigration

So this might be another reason that they've decided to make this announcement about work permits so they can focus their energy on working on the actual adjustment application and not the work permit But again, these are all these are all our speculations Nobody truly knows So you need to be careful on what you read online Nobody truly knows how this policy alert is going to impact work permit applications

And so we always like to be honest at our firm and honest with our clients and honest with anyone who is using our educational tools or watching our videos that we can make speculations based on our expertise Lots of people will be making speculations, and some of which will not be based on being immigration attorneys or having expertise But we always want to be honest that it's just speculations And the reality is we know right now that there's a policy alert We know that this is probably a preliminary step

And we also know that nothing has really changed in terms of the process and what's being submitted But we will keep everybody up to date We're going to keep an eye on things as we always do every day here, and we'll keep everybody up to date on any changes

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