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Breaking News US/Australia ll Women's footballers shield a rival player when her hijab slips


Five female football players stopped mid-game to shield an opponent player after her hijab came loose during a tackle  The teammates from Shabab Al-Ordon Club, Jordan, who were winning by one goal, challenged the rival player from the Amman Club, when suddenly her hijab slipped  Footage shows the woman shield her hairline from spectators as the opposition teammates stop to help her   Suddenly her hijab slips and the woman holds her head to shield her hairline from cameras  As the woman crouches down on the pitch and adjusts her hijab, three of her opponents huddle around her as another two walk over to create a tight circle  The players stopped for 30 seconds during the final Women's League match in October last year  And the video has gone viral with 87,900 likes on Twitter after it was posted by American sports channel ESPN on Wednesday   Three of the women from the opposition create a semi-circle as the woman crouches on the ground  Five of the opposition teammates rush to create a tight circle around the woman as she adjusts her hijab in private Users were quick to praise the act of sportsmanship and described it as a 'beautiful' gesture  Erwin Hesse commented: What an amazing display of cultural awareness within a competitive setting  'These players instantly shifted their minds from trying to win a game to an inclusive mindset to help an opponent for something bigger than the game Beautiful!'  Twitters users were quick to praise the 'beautiful' scene showing sportsmanship and compassion Margaret Vincent from Colarado added: 'Love that her competitors immediately knew what happened and how important it was to her This is beautiful' 

Source: Youtube

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