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Breaking News US/Australia ll Woman sparks debate over asking her father to buy sanitary towels


A text exchange between father and daughter has gone viral after he amusingly mistook the colour of sanitary towel packets for flavours  Niamh, from Cardiff, took to Twitter with a post showing the messaging conversation, where she asked him to buy the products for her menstrual cycle  He responded with a photograph of two different colours of Always sanitary pads – purple and green – and wittingly asked: 'blackcurrant or lime?'While the post has since received over 31,000 Likes, Niamh claims she's received a number of responses, which are now unavailable online, slamming her for not buying the sanitary towels herself, or asking her mother instead  But others jumped to her defense and praised Niamh's father for being willing to purchase the woman's product in the first place – and branded him a 'great dad ''I don't see why people are having an issue with your dad buying your pads??? wrote one 'Foolishness!' They continued: 'Like, we're all adults here and if anything more men need to grow up and get over being squeamish when it comes to women's periods The lime/ blackcurrant comment made me laugh though'Niamh responded to backlash by explaining she wasn't able to make it to the shops herself   Share this article Share 'For all the people getting wound up about asking my own DAD for pads 1

He’s only ever lived with females, my sister, my mum, his sister, his mum  '2 I was in work until 5 shops close at 4 on a SUNDAY i don’t drive, neither does my mum 3 it’s 2019 not 1969,' she wroteMany agreed that it's normal for men to buy sanitary towels and that there shouldn't be a problem   One penned: 'Blackcurrant or lime! I don't get what the issue with this is? I get them for my misses if she needs them and I have three daughters so looks like I'll be buying them for the rest of my life 'Other women began sharing their own anecdotes about times they've asked their fathers to buy their right sanitary products 'First time I asked my dad for pads he thought I said "bats" so for at least thirty minutes he was searching for bats in the store lol,' commented one, while a second wrote 'When my dad used to buy tampons for me, my sister and my mum, he would always ask what colour "traffic lights" we needed (green, yellow and orange)A third added: 'This is totally normal My dad has had to deal with me, my sister and mum all syncing up for years, he's been on a million tampon and pad runs Don't see why people are making this into an issue, bizarre'

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