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Breaking News US/Australia ll Star witness against Roger Stone says he feels horrible about verdict


The prosecution's star witness against Roger Stone has expressed his lament that his testimony helped convict the former campaign advisor to President Donald Trump Radio host and comedian Randy Credico, 65, said that he was left in tears on Friday after a federal jury convicted Stone on all counts of obstruction, false statements to Congress, and witness tampering 'I hate to see the guy go to jail because of me,' Credico told Yahoo News after the verdict 'I feel horrible that this happened This is not a day to rejoice '  Prosecutors alleged Stone lied to Congress about his conversations about WikiLeaks with Credico – who scored an interview with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2016 Share this article Share After Credico was contacted by Congress, he reached out to Stone, who told him he should 'stonewall it' and 'plead the fifth,' he testified  Prosecutors said Stone had also threatened Credico's therapy dog, Bianca, saying he was 'going to take that dog away from you ' However, Credico told Yahoo that he never took the threat to Bianca literally, saying he tried to make that clear on the witness stand when he told the jury he believed that Stone was a dog lover 'Those threats about my dog were not anything I took seriously,' Credico said 'I only put [the emails and texts] out there as a brushback pitch

This was a fender-bender that spun into a 21-car pileup All he had to do was tell the truth and this would not have spun out of control 'Stone was convicted Friday of all seven counts in a federal indictment that accused him of lying to Congress, tampering with a witness and obstructing the House investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to tip the 2016 election He is the sixth Trump aide or adviser to be convicted of charges brought as part of special counsel Robert Mueller´s Russia investigation Stone has denied wrongdoing and consistently criticized the case against him as politically motivated He did not take the stand during the trial and his lawyers did not call any witnesses in his defense The Stone case could be the last public gasp of the Mueller investigation, which wrapped up in March Mueller made clear that his team never considered indicting Trump because the Justice Department prohibits the prosecution of a sitting president Stone, 67, showed no visible reaction as the verdict was read aloud, count by count He´s scheduled to be sentenced on February 6 and could face up to 20 years behind bars  Another former Trump campaign aide, Michael Caputo, was removed from the courtroom by security officers after he turned his back on the jury after the verdict was read Stone left the courtroom holding hands with his wife and clutching a Bible after the verdict was read As he walked out of the courthouse, Stone was asked if he had any comment on the verdict and replied: 'none whatsoever' before he hopped into a waiting SUV with his wife Stone is under a court-imposed gag order forbidding him from speaking publicly about the verdict or the case until sentencing Trump tweeted minutes after the verdict, calling the conviction 'a double standard like never seen before in the history of our Country,' because his frequent nemeses, including Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey and 'including even Mueller himself,' have not been convicted 'Didn´t they lie?'Trump foes reacted with glee to the verdict, including former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile 'He's going to be sentenced on February 6 I hope he roasts in hell,' Brazile told HBO host Bill Maher on Friday night 'That son of a b***h!'The View co-host Meghan McCain expressed a similar sentiment on Twitter, writing: 'Rot in hell, Roger Stone ' After the verdict was read, prosecutors asked for Stone to be jailed as he awaits sentencing But Jackson ruled that Stone would be released to this own recognizance but would be subject to the same blanket gag order that was imposed during the trial, banning him from discussing the case with media or posting about it on social media  On Friday night, Stone's daughter Adria Stone made a public appeal for Trump to pardon her father 'I can only ask, and I do,' she said in an interview with Fox News 'Donald Trump if you can hear me, please save our family He does not deserve this ' The six Trump associates to be convicted in Mueller probe GUILTY: ROGER STONE 

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