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Breaking News US/Australia ll Severe weather warnings for damaging winds, rain and blizzards


A polar vortex bringing snow, hail, damaging winds, and heavy downpours of rain has hit Australia  Double cold fronts sweeping through eastern and southern states are expected to cause blizzard conditions and biggest cold snap of the year starting on Thursday  The blast of cold air from Antarctica via the Southern Ocean will see temperatures drop to zero in Victoria and Tasmania Victoria will bear the the brunt of the giant winter storm as the multiple fronts move east, hammering South Australia and southern New South Wales at the same time   Share this article Share A severe thunderstorm warning is predicted to be issued for parts of Victoria and the surrounding areas later this week, with some areas hit with half their monthly rain in just two days  There will also be blustery winds and bitterly cold temperatures, the Bureau of Meteorology warned  Winds are set to increase as early as Thursday with a low-pressure system passing through the state 'Once it arrives it will become cold very quickly,' forecaster Richard Carlyon said Gusts of up to 110km/h are expected from late Thursday, with Victoria's Alpine region in for dangerous blizzard conditions with wind speeds reaching 120km/h Ventusky Privacy Policy Snow in the region could fall as low as 500m above sea level by Friday morning 'It looks as though there will be at least half a metre of snow at the main resorts by the end of the week,' Mr Carlyon said He said it will likely lead to blizzard conditionsAnd it's not just Victoria expected to shiver through the weekend  The mercury is set to plunge to as low as three degrees below the average for parts of the country, Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke said 'It's a very winter-like system, strong fronts, it's going to be very cold, it's going to very wet and there will be very strong winds as well ' Sydney will see highs of 23 on Thursday before the mercury plummets to lows of just 8 degrees has a miserable few days ahead, with temperatures dropping to a high of 13 degrees Similar chilly conditions are forecast for and when the cold snap hits later this week Queenslanders and those in the north will escape the cold blast unscathed, with temperatures expected to sit around 25 degrees in and 28 degrees in Cairns The freezing conditions are great news for Australia's snow resorts, which are gearing up for what promises to be the biggest dump of the season Up to a metre of snow is forecast from Thursday through to Saturday, with an another downfall forecast for Monday WEATHER FORECAST IN YOUR CITY         Wednesday: 7°C, Max: 22°CThursday: Min: 10°C, Max: 23°CFriday: Min: 11°C, Max: 18°CSaturday: Min: 9°C, Max: 18°CSunday: Min: 8°C, Max: 16°C           Wednesday: Min: 7°C, Max: 14°CThursday: Min: 9°C, Max: 13°CFriday: Min: 7°C, Max: 12°CSaturday: Min: 6°C, Max: 12°CSunday: Min: 5°C, Max: 13°C     Wednesday: Min: 11°C, Max: 25°CThursday: Min: 15°C, Max: 27°CFriday: Min: 13°C, Max: 24°CSaturday: Min: 11°C, Max: 23°CSunday: Min: 9°C, Max: 21°C        Wednesday: Min: 20°C, Max: 31°CThursday: Min: 19°C, Max: 32°CFriday: Min: 20°C, Max: 32°CSaturday: Min: 19°C, Max: 32°CSunday: Min: 20°C, Max: 32°C         Wednesday: Min: 6°C, Max: 11°CThursday: Min: 2°C, Max: 12°CFriday: Min: 3°C, Max: 11°CSaturday: Min: 4°C, Max: 10°CSunday: Min: 4°C, Max: 11°C       Wednesday: Min: 7°C, Max: 16°CThursday: Min: 5°C, Max: 17°CFriday: Min: 7°C, Max: 19°CSaturday: Min: 8°C, Max: 20°CSunday: Min: 8°C, Max: 20°C         Wednesday: Min: 10°C, Max: 18°CThursday: Min: 9°C, Max: 13°CFriday: Min: 9°C, Max: 13°CSaturday:  Min: 9°C, Max: 14°CSunday: Min: 8°C, Max: 13°C        Wednesday: Min: -1°C, Max: 16°CThursday: Min: 2°C, Max: 11°CFriday: Min: 0°C, Max: 8°CSaturday: Min: -1°C, Max: 9°CSunday: Min: -1°C, Max: 11°C 

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