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Breaking News US/Australia ll Robbie Williams must spend £50k on monitoring equipment at £17m home


Robbie Williams' is being forced to fork out £50,000 by council bosses on monitoring equipment so he can build the world's most expensive basement and pool The pop star has been at loggerheads with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page since submitting plans at his £17million West London home five years ago Page objected to the plans as he feared vibrations from excavation work would damage his neighbouring 1875 Grade I-listed mansion, Tower House, Holland Park – his home since 1972 The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council gave the plans the green light last month But officials have told Williams he must fork out for equipment to be installed while construction takes place to monitor the vibrations The details, revealed in planning documents, last week, said Williams would have to pay a 'monitoring payment' to allow the works to take place Share this article Share The works form part of as a 'precautionary approach' to safeguard Page's adjacent Grade I listed building 'Alongside this, planners said only hand tools 'weighing no more than 9kg (1 4 stone)' could be used to 'minimise potential for vibration from building works ''There shall be no use of percussive demolition and construction equipment (other than hand tools weighing no more than 9kg) at any time during the works associated with this permission,' planning documents state A source close to the project said: 'As you can guess digging out a pool with hand-tools is 19th century The source added: '£50,000 is a significant amount of money even for a multi-millionaire popstar 'His planning team are saying it's extremely unfair, they're furious 'The planning war has seen Williams apologise for comparing Page's behaviour to someone with a 'mental illness' Page has also denied accusing Williams of dressing in a blonde wig while playing Black Sabbath music loudly late at night to annoy him The Stairway To Heaven writer has referred to Tower House, designed by William Burges, as 'one of the most historic buildings in the borough 'Robbie Williams declined to comment

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