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Breaking News US/Australia ll Prince and Paris Jackson share memories about their childhood


 Prince and Paris Jackson happily reminisced about their late father Michael and their childhood at Neverland Ranch while getting ready for the '60 Years of Motown Celebration' earlier this week    In the behind-the-scenes video for Vogue, Prince, 22, and Paris, 21, were joined by their dad's personal stylist Rushka Bergman, who dressed them for the event that honored the record label that released their family's early Jackson 5 recordings  The siblings shared plenty of memories while getting primped and pampered in their suite at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, with Prince recalling how his sister once broke her nose during a game of hide-and-seek at their childhood home  'Remember when you broke your nose on the stage and your eyes were like a raccoon?' Prince asked Paris while she was getting her hair curled  'That was your fault,' she insisted 'It was your genius idea to play hide-and-seek in the dark  'We were playing hide-and-go-seek at Neverland

I decided to turn off the lights 'cause you can't hide with the lights on,' he explained 'She decided as soon as the lights turned off to run full speed 'Paris thought she was running because he had found her, but her brother said that wasn't the case He specifically remembers having to stop the game because he heard a 'boom '  Share this article Share Both of them were looking forward to attending the event celebrating the Motown record label and its founder Berry Gordy  Although they are too young to have witnessed the cultural significance of Motown firsthand, they grew up with it thanks to their father    Prince said he always heard his dad 'speak fondly' of Motown, noting that it is 'kind of like an extended family '    'I think of my childhood when I hear the word Motown,' Paris agreed 'I grew up listening to all of that, and it's very nostalgic ' The Jackson siblings both got their hair done before the event, though Prince admitted that he hasn't had his shoulder-length brown locks professionally styled in awhile  'When people meet me, I hope I look just like my pictures,' he said 'But I actually just went on a road trip and some lady told me I look like Michael Jackson's son but fatter  'So, I was like, okay, I gotta go to the gym now That's cool,' he added with a laugh  Rushka, who worked as Michael's creative consultant and stylist, dressed Prince in a funky black suit with bejeweled lapels  'I remember Rushka was my dad's stylist,' he said 'My dad loved shiny things, blingy, you know? And she would come in with racks of all this stuff, so when I came in yesterday to take a look at the jacket, it was almost nostalgic  Prince said having Rushka put the suit coat on him made him feel like things have come full circle, and seems to understand why his father favored bedazzled pieces 'The sparkles give me a level of confidence that I don't think I've felt before,' he said of his eye-catching blazer  Paris, meanwhile, had two Alexander McQueen gowns designed by the label's creative director Sarah Burton   'I'm really, really excited because Lee Alexander McQueen was one of my favorite humans,' she said of the late British designer  Her first dress of the evening was a black and red gown that cuts off on one side, exposing her leg  'This design really reminds me of McQueen’s fashion show that he did, ‘Horn of Plenty,' which is my all-time favorite,' she said 'If I could go back in time and see a fashion show it would be that one ' Paris's second look, the one she wore on stage at the event, was a white strapless gown with a tulle skirt and silver sparkles that complemented her brother's jacket The princess-inspired dress reminded her of something that would be worn to a high school prom, a right of passage she never experienced   'I never actually went to prom — I skipped it to go see Metallica — so this feels nice,' she said 'I would want my prom dress to look like this' Rushka said Prince and Paris used to sit on her lap when they were younger, and now they're all growing up   She noted that they both have very different styles, so their looks often depend on the event and the day    'I was styling the father, and now I'm styling them,' she said 'I'm very happy that we have one beautiful relationship'

Source: Youtube

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