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Breaking News US/Australia ll Oxfam superstore boasts Swarovski jewellery and bargain Gucci shoes


Xantha Leathem visited the store and is pictured holding £350 gold cufflinks and a Victoria Beckham shirtQueuing outside a charity shop to make sure you bag a bargain may sound excessive But if you’re looking for designer items at a fraction of the usual prices, it might be worth checking out Oxfam’s first superstore The enormous shop – 12 times the size of most of Oxfam’s stores – is stocking luxury goods including a Swarovski crystal necklace, Gucci shoes and Victoria Beckham-branded clothes at discount prices The 18,500 sq ft store, located on the edge of Oxford, is expecting hordes of eager shoppers at its launch today And the superstore also sells pieces online to allow people from around the world to browse A Swarovski crystal necklace, still in its original box, is priced at £250, while similar necklaces on the jeweller’s website retail at over £700 Another bargain up for grabs is a Victoria Beckham-branded black and white shirt with rabbit detailing on the collar, priced at just £14 99 It is no longer available on the designer’s official website but similarly styled shirts are priced at over £600 – meaning the lucky buyer will be getting a huge 97 per cent discount A brown Moschino belt, normally sold for about £180, is on sale in the Oxfam shop for just £35 While a pair of Gucci men’s shoes, priced at £19

99, usually retail for over £500 Discounted white goods are also sold including washing machines and fridges Share this article Share The first Oxfam was opened on Oxford’s Broad Street in 1948, and it was the UK’s first charity shop Its celebrity backers include Kylie Minogue, who donated a sun visor earlier this year, and Cure frontman Robert Smith, who donated a shirt An Oxfam in Kensington, London, is thought to receive donations from the Royal Family who live nearby The most expensive item in the new shop is an Ercol table set with six chairs, priced at £700 The premium-brand furniture set usually retails for around £1,500 to £2,000 One of the more unusual pieces is a water rowing machine, which recreates the sound of paddles gliding through water as it is used Similar machines are normally available for £1,000, but this one is just £400 Julie Neeve, the new store’s project manager, said: ‘We’ve had a temporary donation centre for the past two months, and there have been kind donations from the public bringing them to the site here ‘We’ve got an amazing Swarovski crystal necklace, some designer shoes, some nice handbags In terms of pricing, we look at what they originally cost and what they are selling for online at the moment We have really experienced staff and volunteers who price them up and make sure we are getting the right money for these items ‘The better-quality items have better longevity and there is more life in the clothes ‘We’re hoping to encourage the younger generation to invest in these pieces and buck the fast-fashion trend We’re full of unique items – it gives people the chance to find things that aren’t necessarily on the high street and for great value ’ A second-hand treasure trove  Oxfam, founded in 1942, now has 650 stores across the nation run by 23,000 volunteersOne of its most unusual donations was a rare book of 52 etchings by Italian artist Piranesi, which sold at auction for £30,000Over 250 brides bought their wedding dresses from Oxfam’s online shop in 2017Oxfam raises £1 6million in donated book sales each monthAs of last year, the charity’s longest-serving volunteer was Roger Baker, 85, who had been supporting Oxfam for 48 years

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