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Breaking News US/Australia ll Lover who beat reality TV star to death with hammer jailed for 26year


The lover of a reality TV show contestant has been sentenced to 26 years to life in prison for killing her with a hammer before burying her body in his backyard Jackie Jerome Rogers, from Lennox, in Los Angeles, bludgeoned former Bridalplasty star Lisa Marie Naegle, 36, to death in December 2016 He hit her at least eight times with a hammer in his car before taking her back to his home, hitting her twice more to make sure she was dead and then burying her Rogers destroyed all her belongings and cleaned the murder weapon and his car to cover up the crime, but eventually confessed He said he killed her after she told him she wanted to end their romance to patch things up with her husband    Rogers (left) hit Lisa Marie Naegle (right) at least eight times with a hammer in his car He then took her to his home before hitting her twice more to make sure she was dead and burying her body Share this article Share Video courtesy of KTLA Defense attorney Jeremy Lessem said that Rogers fell in love with Naegle, from San Pedro, who was his nursing teacher He helped out in her classroom and the two would go out for lunch He said his client finally 'broke' after months of being 'toyed' with by Naegle, according to NBC4  Naegle flirted with him and when Rogers passed his nursing certification she took him and friends to Las Vegas in June 2016 where they slept together   At first Rogers told police he dropped Naegle off at a bar past midnight following the party But surveillance footage showed her getting into his SUV around 2am  Rogers said in the car she started to hit him and he started to cry and then attacked her  A jury of 12 convicted Rogers following a two-week trial in September 2018 Naegle starred in the E! reality show, which sees women competing to win a wedding and plastic surgery, in 2010 She lost in episode seven 

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