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Breaking News US/Australia ll Get fit in 15 minutes: The best exercise to tone your calves


To tone your calves, try wide plié heel lifts, says celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather (u-shape couk)

Hold the back of a solid chair, standing feet wide apart with toes pointing out Sit down into your plié position Shoulders over hips, bottom in Once in the hold, lift and lower your heels Pulse for 20 at a quick pace, then do five slow and controlled Rest Repeat alternating heel lifts, left then right, doing 20 on each side Rest On your last set, lift and lower as many as you can for 30 seconds Rest

Repeat the combo from the beginningTo build strong, defined calf muscles, nutritionist Shona Wilkinson (shonawilkinson com) recommends the following foodsAnyone for a bison burger? Bison gives us a really high dose of protein, which is vital for firm calves — yet it contains half the fat of beef Give it a go! Share this article Share Eat an omelette Eggs are a great source of protein for strong muscles But don’t opt for an egg white omelette, make sure you get the yolk as well, for even more nutritional intake Grilled chicken is a great choice for a hit of protein without the fat of red meat Grill a batch and keep them in the fridge for a handy snack Top Eberjey at modesens com £72 Shop Sports bra  triumph

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