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Breaking News US/Australia ll French bulldog gets stuck in tree when owner teaches him to jump


This is the hilarious moment a French bulldog  got stuck in a tree while trying to learn a trick from his owner Leo the dog had been practising jumping hurdles over a tree branch when he ended a bit of his depth His owner recorded the moment during a walk in a park in Bulgaria Share this article Share In the footage, the owner tempts little Leo to jump through a gap between two branches on a tree Holding out a treat as an incentive, the French bulldog appears keen to rise to his owner's challenge, and with his front paws leaps up the tree Leo manages to get his top half between the branches, but quickly finds his backside wedged into the tree His owner then gives him words of encouragement as the poor pup hangs helplessly off the ground But not one to give up easily, Leo keeps wriggling until he eventually falls onto the floor, and receives a congratulatory biscuit 'Leo got stuck in a tree while I was teaching him the jump command,' said the filmer 'He knows how to do it without getting stuck now!'    

Source: Youtube

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