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Breaking News US/Australia ll eBay shopper spends $5600 on a 'haunted doll with paranormals'


A New York based artist has revealed he spends hours trawling eBay in search of cursed objects after stumbling upon a 'haunted box' for sale on the popular website two years ago  Eric Oglander, 31, told The New York Times on Saturday that he has become so 'obsessed' with looking at 'haunted' listings that he has taken screenshots of up to 50 items during a single eBay binge Speaking with the publication, Oglander claimed that he has become more interested in the art of the listings than in the objects themselves, and doesn't often purchase the spooky  items   'The listings are a way of containing a story and also telling a story,' he stated  But while Oglander may not be buying all of the novelties he screenshots, many eBay shoppers appear obsessed with securing 'haunted' objects ahead of Halloween  According to The Times, a 'haunted 16-inch doll' with 'supernatural paranormal power' recently sold for a whopping $5,600   A vintage haunted plush teddy bear' was also snapped up for $560 after 46 bidsMeanwhile, a 'vintage haunted plush teddy bear' was also snapped up for $560 after 46 bids  However, those who missed out on the terrifying teddy can opt to purchase another which is currently still for sale for the less expensive sum of $168 99'This bear was found in the closet of an elderly woman's home,' the listing reads  'She has no children or close family She has no idea where this came from or how it got there There were no other toys or children's items found in the home I wouldn't look at it too long if I were you

As for me, this is staying in a bin at an off-site storage facility so it doesn't scare me or my family 'The seller, who is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers free 30 day returns if viewers aren't satisfied with their spooky purchase  If shoppers aren't able to spend three figures on haunted objects, there are still some other cursed trinkets on the market at cut price     Another'haunted supernatural doll' which is allegedly 'actively possessed' is selling for $39 00 'Haunted bones' have been put up for sale for the bargain sum of $5 95 by a seller in Maryland  Elsewhere, a paranormal clown is selling for $22, while 'demon ash' is retailing for $10   Demon ash, a paranormal clown, and haunted bones are all for sale on eBay

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