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Breaking News US/Australia ll Crying 'possessed' woman is whipped by a priest at an Indian temple


This is the shocking moment a priest mercilessly whipped a 'possessed' woman while performing a cruel exorcism    To cure the woman allegedly possessed by the devil, a priest in southern India thrashed her during the religious practice According to reports, the incident took place on October 15 in Karnataka state Distressing footage shows the woman sitting inside a temple when the priest comes out of the room next door with a whip in his hand The priest then grabs the woman's hair as she kneels on the ground and starts to whip her as she screams and cries  He continues to hit her knowing that he is being recorded, but doesn't stop  He then says a few things to the woman, pats her on the head and pushes her softly as she faints onto the floor The man is wearing a long red drape around his waist and and a wooden beaded necklace    Share this article Share According to reports, the woman was allegedly possessed and her family had taken her to the temple to perform an exorcism on her Exorcism is the spiritual practice of evicting demons from a person or place believed to be possessed It is found in a variety of religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Taoism Not all rituals are necessarily violent

Source: Youtube

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