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    Breaking News US/Australia ll Commuter horror as a man brandishes a plastic GUN


    Commuters were left in horror at a Sydney train station after a man was seen  brandishing a gun, only for police to discover it was fake    Plain-clothed and uniformed officers stormed platform five of Central Station at around 3pm on Wednesday after train staff reported the man He was allegedly seen pointing the toy guns in the air, while passengers watched on from inside a train Commuters weren't allowed onto the platform while the commotion was going on A witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was on his way to work when he saw several police tackle the man  'The train guard said the guns made a noise that sounded like a taser going off,' he told Daily Mail Australia 'I saw cops come in and tackle him and then he was sitting on the seats with all the police Share this article Share 'The police didn't touch the gun til they took photos of it and then they broke it apart 'A New South Wales Police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia that police initially arrested the man for safety reasons before discovering the gun was fake The spokeswoman said the toy gun was innocently purchased from Paddy's Markets, and it's not yet known if he will be given an infringement notice Daily Mail Australia has contacted Sydney Trains for comment

    Source: Youtube

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