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Breaking News US/Australia ll Britain's rudest baby has been caught putting up two fingers


Britain's rudest baby has been caught putting up two fingers to the camera while still inside the womb – and her mother said she 'didn't expect anything less' Mother-to-be Jemma Houston, 21, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, walked away with the unusual photograph of her unborn daughter after a scan at the Royal Alexandra hospital  The expectant parent, who said her daughter had also been photographed upside down and with her legs crossed, will have to return for another scan on Saturday  Expectant Jemma said the photo was a 'shock' but that she 'didn't expect anything less' Speaking about her unborn child, she said: 'My first scan she was upside down and at my gender scan her legs were crossed, so I've had to go back for every scan I've had ' Share this article Share She also said her partner Chris Miller, found the snap 'hilarious'  The picture, uploaded to Facebook, shows the unborn child giving two fingers to the camera In the post, Jemma wrote: 'Every single scan I've had to go back because our little diva does not co-operate But being told to f*** off tops it off 'Back again on Saturday then, little human Please show your face this time

Yours sincerely, Mum'The unusual picture prompted one Twitter user to comment: 'Haha this is adorable She's probably like "let me sleep before I have to face life" 'And a second said: 'Can't stop laughing at this Its wee pout as well!'

Source: Youtube

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