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BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Reaches 100 Million RCS Users by 2020!


Derek: Just for the people that are kind of new to RCS, it seems like that illusion has been the technology first, we got to get that up and running and, you know, agree on it, which took a long time, you know, because there's 200 different areas and carriers and people involved Then it was, we got to get actual people using it in sense of the consumers using it

Now, it seems like we got to get the brands using it And then you look back after the brands start using it, and now we have a little bit of, like, a case study Now, it's super interesting now, hopefully, more brands, which will then drive consumer Like, do you feel we're at that point right now in RCS? Nick: We're getting there So, for brands, it's all about scale

So, something that we ran around Mobile Congress in Barcelona, where we reached out to brands and said, "How big does RCS have to be before you get interested?" And quite a few people said, "Well, it's got to have 100 million each" Derek: One hundred million Nick: That's what some of the big brands came back and said So, looking at what's gonna happen with RCS adoption next year, the US

will reach 100 million users by the end of 2020 Derek: So, by the end of 2020, 100 million consumers will have access to RCS? Nick: Yes Derek: And I know there's a difference between P2P RCS, which is personme texting you And there's A2P But I know those numbers are kind of converging in terms of percentage is so, is that 100 million A2P? Like, will brands be able to, you know, message those consumers? Is that 100 million? Nick: Potentially, I mean, the A2P is still a bit behind Derek: Behind, okay Nick: But, I mean, the way that a lot of the device manufacturers are now being quite aggressive with their software updates, over-the-air updates as well

So, that's something, in particular That's really changing now with how often, how regularly Android users are updating their software, whereas previously, they weren't really doing it So, a lot of them are sticking with the same software they got with the device when they got the device So, two-year contract, the chances are they'll still be on that same software Apple users are pushed endlessly by two updates

Derek: Yes, updates Nick: Yeah, exactly Derek: They're getting an update right now, I bet

Source: Youtube

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