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BREAKING NEWS: Turkish Chess Streamer Blunders Mate in 1 After Playing Fortnite


The capital of chess Louis was shaken by terrible news a Turkish chess publisher living here After playing Fornite for four hours, he fell asleep in one move The game that started as a silent vizier gambit capturing the opponent's stronghold on the a8 It became very advantageous for a short time Turkish chess player simply moves around the 26th move it was a quality against only two pawns and a rook and his opponent wasted his castle in c3 I don't know what's out there

The night was quite late, but I wasn't sick When I played the pen to get the pawn in d5, I saw that the other pen could be taken Then I said, I have a pawn there, I can get it back

Then it happened that haunted the most fearful dreams of every chess player Maybe he was using a Fornite strategy that worked on Fornite but didn't work in chess Maybe he should have got the stone for free Now we will talk to one of the witnesses of this terrible event Old world junior chess champion, Turkey chess champion and 2 time and the author of the Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess book GM Alexander Ipatov on line Good evening, Mr Ipatov Could you please tell us about the incident? So it's really a shocking situation There are two things at location: First, the castle in c3 is idle and secondly, in 1 move there is the threat of dull It was actually a threat to the mat in two moves because there was still a fortress in e5 but what White did is the first: he didn't see that the castle in c3 was idle and drove the castle from e5 to d5 and mat in 2 moves mat in 1 move something really unacceptable, doesn't see that the castle is idle and did not see the idea of ​​the mat in one move It's really, really bad

Do you think it will continue to make such mistakes? He has been working intensively for over a year and if we think he didn't see such things it is very likely that he will continue to make such mistakes Thank you very much, Mr Ipatov According to the latest news, the three biggest chess sites in the world announced that this game was not played on their site

Naycir's coach, Dr Wolf expressed his frustration with the following words: "I keep giving him free to learn, but this girl can't really be educated" Thank you for watching Flash news We will be in front of you with developments

Source: Youtube

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