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Breaking News: TreeStuff Black Friday Sale Starts Now!


From the Arborist Discount Network's world news headquarters, this is the news for Monday, November 25th, 2019 Now, here is Emmy Award winning news anchor Jake Miller

And thank you for being with us tonight We've got the scoop on the biggest thing happening in tree care gear and apparel and it is tonight's Top Story on this Monday, November 25th It is the huge TreeStuff Black Friday Cyber Monday worldwide sale Sources close to the marketing team say they are dividing up the event into three main components Daily Flash Sales, these are huge discounts on single items, a site-wide discount on everything TreeStuff sells, with the code LUCKY13, and for every 25 orders 1 will be absolutely free, with the customer getting a full refund

For details on this unprecedented TreeStuff event, we now turn to Carson Royer, who's outside the TreeStuff headquarters with general manager Nick Bonner for the ADN exclusive – We've never had 1 in 25 orders, and a site-wide discount, and Flash Sales put together This is really, it's unheard of – That's incredible Now I know that there may be folks at home saying "I only order 40, 50 dollars at a time, could I still get that order for free?" – Yeah, you could, but you know if you get a refund and your order's only 40 dollars, I'll bet you that you'll be kicking yourself

We were giving away 2,000 – 3,000 – and higher value orders all last year and earlier this year on similar promotions – Well that's pretty incredible, Nick, thank you again for your time Jake, back to you – And this just in, from our news gathering partners, Branch Manager is also getting in on refund game Owner Dave Noordgard is quoted as saying "We want to give order refunds too!

One lucky customer that buys a BMG this year during TreeStuff's BFCM promo is getting a full refund from me" We now turn to a developing story that we've been working on We have obtained a leaked list from within TreeStuff that details some of the items included in today's Flash Sale So let's show you some of those right now Tachyon Ash, 10' and 15' Tech Lanyards, Notch Gecko Steel climbers, the Notch Jet Step Foot Ascender, ART's Swivel Positioner, the SENA 30k Comm System, the Rock Exotica Akimbo, the 2018 ANSI TreeMotion Harness, and more

As we understand it, these deals are only good today On Tuesday, TreeStuff will release new details, and that's the same for every day through Cyber Monday Those deals will be announced right here on other ADN shows all week long And be sure to tune in tomorrow for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire with TreeStuff's very own Carson Royer Check your email for showtimes

That's it for me, thank you for joining us, we will see you back here tomorrow Until then, happy shopping

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