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Breaking News: The Latest DACA Update You Must Hear


hi this is Kaushik Ranchod coming to you live I have breaking news update for you the supreme court has upheld DACA so that is fantastic news in a 5-4 decision the supreme court found that the way that Trump came to his decision was arbitrary and capricious basically what that means in legal terms is that there was not adequate justification to deny DACA, So what does that mean well you know it's this is already known that the public basically by 70 approximately 73 percent supports the DACA program and justifiably so because people who came here at a young age deserve to be in the United States and it just shows how awesome our system justice system is that it basically you know overcame a decision that was erroneous by Trump So you know one of the issues with this is that if DACA was taken away it would have cost the US economy 215 billion dollars it was unfair to daca recipients who were going to school who employers have invested in people who you know are on the DACA program and just rip that away from the US economy from everyone who's relied on the DACA program would have been wrong So we're waiting to see how Trump is going to try to limit this program with new applications however you know i expect that we should be able to renew applications and possibly even file new applications and we'll continue to keep you posted the great news is everyone who has DACA gets to keep their DACA and it's not taken away it's not ripped apart uh i'm just very excited for all of you who are on DACA

Hi this is kaushik ranchod here and i wanted to also clarify on what this supreme court ruling means so right now if you are on DACA you are allowed to stay however that does not stop president Trump from addressing the issue that the supreme court came up with that there wasn't enough justification so Trump could come back with new justification that meets the supreme court's requirements however i predict that's going to take a great deal of time and it won't be immediate we will wait to see what happens the good news is that for now the supreme court decision that has been pending for quite some time has upheld Trump's decision trump could come back and try to address the supreme court's decision but i think that will take some time in order to do that we will continue to keep you informed subscribe and thank you and have an amazing day

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