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Breaking News Supreme Court Ruling on Injunction of Public Charge Rule


hi this is Kaushik Ranchod from The Ranchod Law Group with our weekly immigration show and today we're going to talk about breaking news the Supreme Court has made a ruling on the injunction of the public charge rule So as you may be aware, or may not be aware, president Trump's administration was rolling out a new public charge rule and then it went to the court and basically they put what's called an injunction stopping that public charge rule and now the Supreme Court says that: that injunction is lifted and that there's no more stay which means the public charge rule is not being held up from moving forward during the litigation process so this is a little bit complicated but what we're seeing is that it looks like the public charge rule is going to be moving forward so I want you to be prepared if you have questions you can always call us at 916-613-3553 So what this means is that when the public charge rule goes into effect twelve months if you have been on public assistance within twelve months within the last 36 months so twelve months or longer if you've been on public assistance within the last 36 months then you may not be eligible to get a green card so I want you to keep on tuning in and I want you to keep being informed call us at 916-613-3553 because this is huge unfortunately this is going to affect a lot of people and it is very disappointing for us but we are going to stay positive and you know I got my son here radiate positive vibes because we are gonna let the negativity slow us down we're still going to continue to be positive during these difficult times and that just means that we're going to work smarter and we're going to work harder to make sure that we can do everything that we can to demonstrate that if you're on the borderline you may not be subject to the public charge rules and I always believe that there's always a way that we can try to figure out a solution or there's not a way to figure out a solution at least you'll know so thank you for tuning in and we'll see you next week have an awesome day

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