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Welcome! – Dear viewers, my name is Dominik Ketnner from Kettner We have precious metals again today, unfortunately I have to say breaking news Video It doesn't stop, so the news flips over

I think you may also be following the news today Morning I am always someone who is relatively quick checks the cell phone in the morning to get a bit up to date bring First headline the US issues entry ban for Europeans, that means that in the next 30 days no one from Europe will see the United States allowed to enter and American citizens from Europe or Germany With the exception of Great Britain, Mr Trump is very important proclaimed in this way must then first be checked there accordingly I just talked to a supplier that we personally would like to offer various gold nuggets for you in the future

The wanted to visit tomorrow Now he said Mr Kettner: I'm leaving now, I have to go to the USA back and with a high probability will get there directly Quarantine coming But before I can't get in, I want to go Home to my family For which we are of course full Have understanding! Why are we doing this breaking news video? – have it again there are some issues on the market that did not come up yesterday were foreseeable

For one, we have a long Bitcoin video yesterday rotated that is unfortunately not yet online Um, it's about the bitcoin and compared the price of gold Bitcoin price is up 28% since yesterday collapsed! From 7000 to 5400 euros That also means for those who already talk about security for so long about the crypto markets since the bitcoin yes In my opinion, nothing to touch, nothing physical is allowed not give deflationary shock to Bitcoin either, because it does other asset classes, such as the oil price, for example! Yes we have a huge oil price crash of over 30 percent overnight seen Which also shows that of course the world markets, the industry always sags further

In Italy, it's a fact that it's a complete Shutdown there All of Italy is under curfew the supermarkets and pharmacies are the only shops that are still open We have the constant update ticker from UPS because it delivers with UPS we see that UPS still delivers to Italy so we deliver We deliver our Italian customers too, especially in South Tyrol, have us today already called many customers Whether we still have goods and that's why we also deal with the topic of developing this virus employed! We fade in the graphics for you here and look up the graphic shows the course of the corona infection or course of infection the number of confirmed cases since January 2020

Here we see China we see South Korea, Italy, we see France, we see the USA and we see Germany and there supposedly Europe from the perspective of the USA, one the biggest risk areas, I felt the whole time It is true that there were 80,000 confirmed corona cases in China We had in South Korea 8000 cases On March 10 in Italy there were 12,000 confirmed Cases In the US, it was 2004 and confirmed cases and through one This Johns Hopkins institute, that is, has artificial intelligence University, calculated in advance that we'll be up to date in five days at the latest, where Italy stands today on March 12th

Say shutdown and complete industry standstill The stores will be accordingly shut down Of course, I can now only pass it on accordingly to them an artificial intelligence is nothing more than the corresponding summarize and extrapolate values ​​like further exponential development the virus is gone if it really should be my ladies and gentlemen The development is so dramatic that we in the German economy have serious problems because when our economy stops I am firmly convinced in the phase in which we are currently where the recession started or where we could be in the middle of the recession international trade is also facing serious problems completely silent think about how many people every day from von von europe, overlooked the usa, all stock exchanges travel all over trailer those who are on the move, all industrial companies all production all of that will really suffer and I just wanted to give this update again so that you really underestimate it I heartily recommend that I am someone to that effect wants to panic his friends but lay down to look at a few supplies that he had at least three four five six weeks at home enough have without having to leave the house my public events i know the virus is probably not as tragic as it is portrayed by many and the media rush is extreme, but if it happens that we are put in quarantine have already experienced the closer known circle that the father from one of a good friend was at a birthday weekend party and there was an apparently infected patient a crooner patient and now must all who were at th is birthday party plus the people who Corresponding people in the vicinity were in quarantine the health department called and called everyone because you just as soon as you become infected it is obligatory to do everything with which people was in contact and if it develops so quickly like in Italy which I personally hope not then it could actually rise in five days in germany to be similarly far so a few betrays lie this page is not about the topic of precious metals in the first place it is really about you and your family being a part of it protect the next hammer message and that is for me the worrying from all the videos of the dax under 10,000 counter is broken we talked for a long time about the 10,000 eur brand at the dax is a historical brand if the brand can be held the gates are still open to the top but the $ 10,000 mark is also a psychological brand that is actually little downwards borders draws so i have friends in the I have been working in portfolio management a few days ago dominik maybe you should think about it now and then In principle, shortening other German groups to falling prices I do that from a moral point of view not i have invested physical precious metal that it is my insurance but only yesterday was the tip back vw is one of the next companies possibly pulled into this vortex this morning minus six Percentage on the stock exchanges may have announced they will probably have to 6000 employees dismiss all of this to be news that are worrying because i myself have friends that we german series no giant follows at 90 you always know someone in this company and then do it One that affects us anyway, as a precious metal dealer, I have to admit clearly we benefit the demand has come before 3458 we come really our limits now for themselves that was actually only in the online shop doing mass processing Very few customers can really get detailed advice because simply the time of manpower currently limits it very much despite we are fading in the phone number again in the video and how you can call us just give it a try if you don't contact us directly You are welcome to write an email what can i say the stock markets are of course in panic mode no one really knows where to go and property purchases are clear So the number of property purchases on the market decreased people are more restrained the local deal i act now i am too sorry industrial and trade associations and have some with me entrepreneur friends entertain whether it is the dealership operator in the furniture store operators since many industries are affected by aldi this is less busy so man Really notices that March's already weak month in local sales Trade is that it is even more affected and that people are affected just save unnecessary routes and actually really save the direct ones go home and I'm personally not that strong yet in a panic but at least I want to pass on what is close to us What is left for you now of course I said at the beginning today we don't want to focus on the topic of precious metals but if the rental prices drop, if the property purchases decrease when the buying shares back in many people have just told us the shifts shares or from securities, also from investment funds partially dissolve them because they say now it could really be a time long be that we have a cycle for the next five six seven eight years See raw materials and the only safe haven in the world really proved was not silver but platinum was not in the case We also have palladium with our last chart analysis from mister if you announced to me in German that the palladium price will be abbreviated or the decline is also a great hit in the case of benjamin If you have analyzed well, we are also very proud of such a great one Having analysts in our house and gold was simply the only sure thing harbor there were many questions why the gold price fell anyway we had a deflationary shock or we still have it gold price has only declined marginally whereas everyone else will have collapsed massively and the gold price target is already on again the sales figures speak completely the opposite of the gold price we have to the major trading exchanges on the comex and other shanghai gold exchange major observed short positions, that means there are players in the market like that big banks trying to keep the gold price small and artificially to manipulate below so that it does not go through the roof history and everyone just flees to the precious metals so think above all the central banks, in particular, add buyers to me personally see this as a 100 percent buy signal we are in an absolute bull market all other markets hang their heads and give us a try thumbs up for the video we should continue with similar breaking news keep up to date then write down here comments share the video share share only if you reach there then it makes it really work for us too much work the videos then it is not simply produced that way there is also a lot of detail and research work behind it i would be happy if it is the next video turn it on again see you soon

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