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BREAKING NEWS : Serie A giant keen on Liverpool forward


Roma are wickedly interested in Odeon design with a full-forward second sake this man according to the middle Roma I'm looking into the possibility of signing sac PD online until the end up decision 3-4 times the strength the drama while sorry unknown initially but with an option to sign him permanently in the summer Tahiti only made six Premier League against to start musician which studies that he is not applying them member of supercops well he has not been computer take Wendy you know to be considered in this in in discussable success in this country what the bowler a28 Stuckey D does not help here and keep a thin shell to the flaws which means that little kulikov invest any money deficit for him in the alley on what we know they could go out and step up for one who is 22 or 23 with experience in the top slide and potential to improve and strengthen leap in squad account that is AJ Hidell done a Liverpool would need to inform the player will keep Bay Street area also trauma leading to me any given a pictorial check for security it will be interesting to see whether couldn't love is feeling left luckily with a Chaka champion leagues and family twister to come unless they are able to replace him in the window you

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