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BREAKING NEWS: Pope Francis Declares that Rooster & Lark truly is a #BreakfastMiracle


(upbeat music) – Breaking News Pope Francis has declared the breakfast miracle, the savior of breakfast

In a stunning announcement atop the basilica of Notre-Dame the pope announced that the breakfast miracle has moved so many millions to breakfast bliss and enlightenment that he had no choice but to declare Rooster & Lark truly a breakfast miracle Pope Francis praised Rooster & Lark for its simple ingredients, lack of sodium, and noble-selfless mission to bring the vegetables to the people However, not all have agreed with this holy declaration Many have called the breakfast miracle heresy for encouraging the use of convenience food and shifting people away from fresh vegetables To them we say, "Take it easy

" I'm Aaron Falber and this is ROOSTER ROUNDUP We'll see ya next time (upbeat music)

Source: Youtube

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