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what's a Maca gang what do you do what it do what it do back with another booth what's up you have reached Famaca TV and if it's your first time yeah don't forget to hit that like button being gonna hit that subscribe button and turn on your post notifications for me what's up y'all you know to my right and I thank y'all so much for always tuning in stopping by checking out my videos and please yeah hey I lived over today baby if y'all heard about the live goes I got breaking news breaking breaking news breaking news what's up Harry Smith how you don't know what he do what he did he do what he do do do what's up Dionne got that news for y'all what's up Dee on what you got going on a day trying to get set up here got some breaking news share my life I'll share my life out with your friends share my life out with your friends I got some breaking news breaking news yes sir yes sir watch I love to I'm talking through more people in here through more people in here yep still it in the house still in the house man still in the house make sure you hit that like button and I greatly appreciate it give me a thumbs up I greatly appreciate it I got breaking news breaking news for everybody I don't know about y'all hey look at I got all them toes love toes I got some spaghetti whore tail and some salsa oh thank you lord thank you lord y'all ready fuck breaking news I'm trying to get a little more people in here thank you Lord for this food amen mmm i'ma get y'all to buy today right quick what up man yeah I did that and then I forgot to do everything what's up all girls and beyond thank you for tuning in thank you for tuning in if you ever hit that subscribe button go ahead and do so I really appreciate it and if you I need that like button make sure you do that as well yeah I got up there and forgot that you know now they trying to keep the elderly you know making sure the elderly are in the house so I went up there did what I did but I forgot to show her how to the video hang on video chat she called me this morning I totally forgot we both forgot really because I was trying to get there and get bad because it was my wife's birthday and everything like that so I was trying to get back what a brilliant Bri I got some news for you got some news for you I've got for you gonna check her channel out and hit that subscribe but she got some great content for you I'm telling you man this is so good yeah yeah he go y'all like there you go it's a spaghetti my cousin Karen made this I'm trying to I don't want to throw no food away I mean no leftovers right now thank you so much for tuning in so when I got off the lab yesterday y'all I got too long I know we lose good man it tastes delicious you will be so got off the line yesterday Sam back home for work guess what they told us yeah I know believe is dying is not go oh my god they have extended update they have extended a date y'all to April 24th do you hear what I'm saying April 24 staying home and work and I was just telling y'all how bored I was hey but I love it not going in the office but staying at home I don't know about that hmm yo I got some napkin do not believe it that is the breaking news y'all that part right there now I'm April 24 and what's today's date March Whitfield they told us moving yeah when I got back on some lunch yeah April 24 do you not hear me April 24 oh my good man this spaghetti so ooh I'm telling you I'll try to just eat a little bit up mmm what that was on this little what's up office I'm telling you right try to clean I mean you clean the damn you be like all right now I'm gonna do what's all eating out there for lunch yeah baby but spaghetti my cousin approves this camera should be on him sometime why I'm gonna have to do something cuz man well I have to work tonight so at least I get out but still I'm sitting down there to sitting down do you want sing so that's my second job those that don't know man some wings and fries sound really good they sound really good trying to keep up with child come in y'all chats or whatever bet Oh Lord I'm just keep hitting the wrong button I'm not to take these guys I'm man I'd be glad when I get my dragon good these days right here man I'm in heaven before everyone a day I know right oh you got their healthy food you got that healthy ah you got their healthy food no yeah I'm about to make a mess I already know when I pick up the score walking up down see I already told my wife cuz we we looking for a house no no open deck no down up there down there no no no no no man what man I used to live in upstairs goes down when I go up his dad when I was going still I made sure I had everything I needed when I get upstairs right when I get upstairs I made sure I had everything I needed mmm everything because I was Miami no man I get upstairs and I'll be like so mad if I love some I would be like what I wish I was even with me man I'm coming I'm coming down the balanced a shit man Dallas Texas I can't even get it on me that's my team mmm Dallas Cowboy I'm going to down yeah we've done that we come we come we are coming down there man I've been wanting it man I've been a Dallas fan since I want to say 1979 they might let you know how old I am ever since I was 11 years old mmm not that was change so I turned them it might be 1980 Oh for real but we come now if they let us travel we come in it we come in this year I've been standing for the last forever I'm hungry yeah I am but yeah they have told us I can't believe I'm still I was in shock huh so you right yes how many years old eight years older than you how are you yeah everybody used to say they'd be like see see me and be like well you got 32 33 and you know I would say yeah I think yeah I did not tell you know I'm thankful to make it this far I'm 50 years old I'll be 51 yeah I was born a citizen I'm happy 51 in August August want to see yeah they say I look like I'm 32 in my thirties everybody think that that's what they say I had to call somebody for some cigarettes and everybody you don't like you you too young even because of me alone so hey all I could save like no crack I don't know that's it yep and my mom is d 69 she look like she in her forties yeah black don't cut they used to think we're the sister's going out when we were to get out warned eating now who stuff they thought we were sisters yeah yeah she looked young oh yeah yeah I said brilliant over there rod McGrady they usually say that about my wife that she riding the cradle they use this cuz they thought I was real young trying to see what jobs in it yeah good genes is it theirs in this up you ain't older than that though yeah you man the trip where your age does not about you on the neck but they used to say my wife not my wife with Roger cradles my mark my life turned four to seven yesterday they they thought I was 30 zone what I know you get out of town man I'm telling you say when you was what you mean when you any when I was smaller than this that you style was key when I was skin as a child that's right yeah when I was skin as a child my grandmother used to say I'm a daddy side that we look like donkeys and we needed to eat that's probably high gang a home but side gaining weight cuz she was born I'm she would cook them big big home-cooked meals like those Sunday dinners she would cook it every day I'm not lying I'm gonna learn I'm not like she would cook it every day and new to be like still frog from yesterday boy just had a beat what man I'm on Joe Johnson pitches when I was a kid I wouldn't even believe you still get carded I don't do me and my wife we we always get carded no matter where we go they would be like oh and I see some ID I mean but I can getting mad I would get mad I just hire him I would get mad John you glad everybody what I'm gonna do Christ because I was mad but I was mad can I see some ID what yo and then they'll look at it and think it was a fake ID or driver's license they'll look at it you look back at me and then look at it answer is right maybe like I'm thankful thanks going grateful yeah absolutely I almost didn't get on here today y'all whoo I did I almost said I'm going live a day I gotta get to my almost and no I ain't going today I'm telling y'all these people yeah for mocking my name yep for my TV come on up this is my name and I add it on that TV part on them I remember when my grandmother passed away how was I 20 my grandma mama homicide I was 20 years old yeah but my whole family was reading okay well it's good okay yeah so everybody was uh reading obituary and they kept getting to my name and I was like who is that now my dude this is my family saying that crap who is that who is that on the beach where what is their name Valley my cousin or somebody said she a shame what that's not name folks again today stop calling me for my Calaca and everything maybe not know my name was for my cousin ever since I was born they just call me Shane but my middle name is Lachey so so that that's my everybody was my whole friend I mean everybody did not know it was too funny to me ain't know who will I gotta get this water down now this is my second bottle girl and I don't know these are 20 ounce 20 do you know you want sin that's a lot why but they say you need to drink a lot of water so y'all make sure y'all get y'all water in because you got to stay hydrated you know I'm saying and while you're sitting at home you need drag liquid that's gonna cut my body you don't want to be all slow slow cuz you ain't drinking enough fluid water mostly well cranberry juice yeah you're trying well I know get you some crystal light a little crystal light thing that'll help you but I'll try to drink it most of it like this straight up maybe some lemons limes my wife be putting on cucumbers in limes lemons and I don't even touch that because that mess you look that make you stay in the bathroom that made me go to the bathroom nether I'm the other way not just being well you're gonna be in the bathroom gonna be in a bathroom it will have you in now tell you I'm not lying y'all know I'm on my lunch I got I got about 10 to 15 mommies I want to come back late because she gone one of the top people I'll send out an email right before lunch we got to do these um things extra work they maybe they wanna make sure I got some new shirt they want to make sure we work they don't like to thank you because some of it going in I like the big people and stuff so they're gonna make sure we working because you know if all they were in the greeny because people ain't you know they home some on me home and I'm working a song to call someone say hey forget all that I'm just gonna take off and take me a little steak staycation at home but yeah they don't right before I went to lunch she sent this even long paragraph I was like man what is this are you serious right now oh oh oh I gave them some homework I was wondering how they don't do that they gave them homework oh yeah I go down and taste well I have a friend down in Dallas she's close to Dallas Texas she say then I already told him man gotta go back to school to September okay somebody ain't telling us son I know what anything working out I know that's not working out and oh wow but are they getting credit for it though that's the question are they get credit for it I mean he's gonna count towards there when they get back in where they got it excuse me you know go up to the grade and everything okay so like it very much fifth grade when they go back they like after the summer whatever they'll still go to the next grade just seems great oh okay okay man I hate it for the people that for the seniors dead don't even know when they gonna be graduating you know I'm saying if he's gonna push it back on if what they don't do because I like nice you post graduate this year exactly because some states that's what that's right baby some states is saying fan dead Oh September and then other states take April and then Oh some states say June saw make some April something in the month but somebody knows something cuz especially down in Texas they know something because why they push the school back to symptom September I bet you when April 24 come they're gonna come again we're gonna get close to April 24 they're gonna say oh y'all gonna work from home to me the enemy they already know I'm telling you this this is I'm telling y'all this is something else I never seen nothing like my life ever and I'm been around a long time yeah that's my wife Wanda she in here she's at work – she's a CNA so you know she you gotta keep working right they know exactly what's going on they created it and they already got the back seat and just died making it go longer that's what I believe yeah I let me be wrong I may be wrong do you hear me I'm tell you Shh that was a good food right there good food yes sir oh okay so she's still working but uh she's gotta fix the food oh yeah yeah yeah right exactly exactly Yeah right knee on this madness is madness did you check out the video beyond week and I put on their upload it was live midnight Monday night yeah we brought up birthday in excuse me young brought up birthday in on last at midnight Monday night hey we had a good old time little some some want to be too to be thank you or okay see I appreciate that yeah I don't know you know cuz she it works so she she probably put the phone down so you probably had to do something if Shane was finding it so oh you did yeah okay thank you so much I appreciate that everyone none too big you're stuck in the house you're stuck in the house yeah we're gonna celebrate by we gonna celebrate celebrate good times come on hey yes yes yes yes ma'am absolutely I wish I could stay a little longer with child like to get back to business you know what time it is good old celebration we're gonna do down on mine might even go live maybe maybe yeah you know cuz if you don't play non-copyright music yeah oh you ain't gonna get none you know you know I'm saying you ain't gonna County to kiss you so if we able to play some good old-fashioned jamming you know some we know spelling out old-time yo we you know just a portion may about 15 20 minutes yeah hey you need to check it out Casey oracles and be on your new check it out a better life she ain't our older stuff nice to meet you too we really appreciate y'all coming through here and I'll definitely check you out once I get got to get that work done first down I'll check you out check your channel out well y'all it's been fun and we got a run but as you all know what we do we got a dance dance oh oh you're welcome oh yeah piece and I'm uh

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