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BREAKING NEWS : Philippe Coutinho opens door to join Manchester United


Filippenko opinion has reportedly alternate the gone to a family return Bayern Munich gone up EpiPen their purchase option on the Brazilian at the end of his loan spell call to your photos at Barcelona is all that often with the club looking to mop him up an uncommon be next summer he has experience from mr season in the Bundesliga online as he I am sue Campion Bayern – happy birthday 120 million you are podcast option to head up the campaign but each day up against the big-money mob wonder the poor people Crime Report coffee near would love return to England after interest from Manchester United's last summer Chelsea are also side to be keen on a mob doctor a transport van has been clip which were so now can't be a confident they can lend at least 100 million euro for his signature as long as he finishes the se ason strong this time heading a mark to the Premier League in his ID card instead he is open to extending his tie Bayern Munich a recent interview I'm very comfortable beside I plan to stay her for BM I'm focused on my own health with everything which day I would love to stay howdy-ho also refilled how he is enjoying his put under and Easter clicks voted on asked article buzz from nico popping over in the fingers we understand this why of training and playing well to explain things are going well because of their clicks makes everyone feel important and we have we have happy but we know they have a lot of work to do convenience strap a heckling and to a season listen masterclass against federal payments he has now scored six goals and provide high passes in baked in Bundesliga games as well attending the land us in the Chancellery

Source: Youtube

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