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Breaking News: New Malaria & Dengue Screening in Routine Hematology


(Music) HORIBA Medical is pleased to share the latast advancements in Malaria detection on its hematology solutions Based on data-mining methods and taking into account thousands of raw data on blood count analysis, the Malaria screening flag is capable of highlighting positive Malaria samples on both vivax and falciparum species

This new screening flag is combined with full blood count in routine hematology without any extra reagent The Malaria flag is a cost effective screening flag without any extra burden It may be useful especially when full blood count is required as a first diagnosis tool of febrile patients, to help in identifying unsuspected Malaria cases We recently extended this innovative way of discriminating infectious samples to Dengue fever disease with a new flag These new screening flags for Malaria and Dengue have been evaluated in 3 different lab sites in India and Africa

A total of 6,000 samples have been processed in parallel testing between the Yumizen H550, rapid immuno tests and the reference, microscopic smear examination The validation studies showed the specificity and sensitivity averaging 80% In some cases, even better performance has been demonstrated in cases of high levels of parasitemia For more details on the evaluation studies, we invite you to download on our website the last poster submitted to ISLH These Malaria and Dengue flags will be soon available on the new Yumizen H550 to contribute to Malaria diagnostics in smaller healthcare labs worldwide


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