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Breaking news! NBC World of Dance Officially Back for Season 4 and Starts Taping Feb 2020!


what's up y'all it's Judeus I have some exciting news for all you NBC World of dance fans Season 4 is officially confirmed and already underway however Before we jump into the discussion I'd appreciate if you guys gave this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel we're currently over 12,000 subs which is awesome shoutout to all of you already subscribed the goal for 2020 is 20,020 subscribers it's totally doable but, I can't do it without your help

I try and upload content and soften as possible and I do cover a good range of topics but mostly related to dance reaction videos, event coverage like LA ComiCon, car meets, and photography meets all around LA Speaking of photography follow my photography account on instagram i'll leave a link in the video description below alright let's get right into the topic you guys are here for NBC World of Dance season 4 as many of you saw season 3 brought the heat so my favorite teams from West season included to your team be peaks from the Toki's upper team the hema from south korea main guys from Oslo Norway Upper pop and John and Kings United from Mumbai India ultimately getting crowned champions can't wait to see who season 4 will bring coming down in the comments section who you want to see the season you guys are probably wondering how I even know season 4 is happening NBC hasn't even dropped an official press release or an official teaser well a little bit of an investigative work and use my resources I'm able to confirm it's returning and the reason I'm doing this video I'll leave you with my two resources you can tell me whether I'm incorrect accurate you ready my first resource that came across in late 2019 worldofdancecastingcom if you visit the page it includes a submission deadline along with the submission process along with callback information what makes this page legit is a name you see at the bottom of the page McNulty casting you aren't familiar with who they are they're responsible for casting talent for NBC's The Voice and have been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards having one too in 2015 and 2016 for outstanding reality program for the voice so having that name connected to the page is pretty legit there are two days provided which are line to an airing of season 4 of NBC world advanced in 2020 the first was the submission deadline of October 18 2019 with callbacks happening in the months of September and October the divisions are the same as they have been there are four senior senior team upper and upper team however I don't have the info on who has been called back or who any of the talent is if you make any assumptions based on last season we can expect 13 of 15 acts per division to try out for the qualifiers remember last season it raised a minimum score in order to make it to the two rounds from 80 to 85 so we can definitely expect that to pick up the season you also don't have any info on and on any new rule changes we can probably expect that closer to start a sealing the casting page is only part of y know season 4 is confirm but this next source is the reason I know it's coming soon you've probably wondered how people get to attend tapings of shows like and you see Nantz break his best hands crew with the boys and late night with jimmy kimmel well they're our audience casting website specifically specifically for the purpose of filling these seats there is one in particular which is the reason I had the opportunity to attend a taping of voice a red carpet of the MTV movie and TV Awards the world premiere of Godzilla king of monsters an early screening of Justice League and two episodes of NBC will advance the site is called one iota com I'll leave a link in the video description below so you guys can check it out for yourself especially if you've always wanted to attend these type of shows check it out for yourself these tapings are always fun but just remember it's Hollywood so there's a lot of editing on these shows episodes it's also not always guaranteed you'll get the tickets you requested but you do get warded for more events to attend if you go to the site right now there are four dates listed on season four world of dance which really isn't that many my guess is more dates will be available closer to when the shootings start if you're fortunate enough to get to attend the taping remember it's not just one episode it's lightly the town you see will be spread across multiple apps so so address your best one very important detail is you're not allowed to bring your phone in studio I request the tickets for a couple tapings for this season to help increase the odds of getting casted so we'll see if I get picked so there you have it season for old-world advances confirm let me know in the comments if you're excited which dancers do you want to see or if you have any questions about how these things work anyways feel free to leave me comments below and thanks for checking out this video thanks

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