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BREAKING NEWS: nba Basketball player Kobe Bryant died in Helicopter crash(Moments)


Dear basketball you gave a seashore boy is lazy dream And we both know No matter what I do next I'll always be that kid with the rolled-up socks Garbage can in the corner five seconds from o'clock ball to my hands Five four three two When you're a kid Who is one of your favorite athletes? Favorite athletes I had a lot of favorite athletes, but I think Michael Jordan was probably my favorite Well because of his tenacity and his work ethic

It was very competitive He worked very very hard And that's something that inspired me Cool How do you handle your nerves before a big game? Now take a deep breath And then I own up to the fact that I'm feeling a little nervous Maybe the trouble we get into sometimes as athletes is that we're nervous and we try to act like we're not yeah You know instead of just accepting the fact that you know, I'm feeling a little nervous and it's okay Um, who is one tennis player you admire? Wow one well, Serena is at the top of the line for me I just think she's one of the greatest athletes of all time and Her grit or determination or resiliency? She's at the top of that list

What advice can you give to young athletes like me? Well, the device I give to you is to continue to dream Continue to dream and then work hard to make the dream a reality, you know And it's just repetition and practice and practice and I'm sure you love playing right? Yes I love well, there you go Cool, um, if you could play one-on-one with one tennis player, who would it be? Well, I played against what we kind of hit the ball around with me I hit the ball around with Naomi recently It didn't work out too Well for me to say the least But I had a good time doing it Well, those are all the questions Very welcome and pleasure One it's funny the characters are memorable and And there's important life lessons in them Right? And so we figured out how to through humor fill the story with important moral issues and Through humor, we carry a very serious undertone of things that deal with insecurity anxiety and fear will you do with those and Those are lessons that like when I tell my kids these things after a certain point they don't want to hear from me anymore They kind of tune you out so it's important to have stories that can teach the kids these lessons without the parent feel feeling like they're trying to You're on top of the kid

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