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BREAKING NEWS : Liverpool have to agree deal for Timo Werner before April


with the rule are certain to have a buddy summer transfer window there are a number of liar omens to be leaving the club and they will need to be replaced as well as adding some quality to the first-team squad according to me in Germany Liverpool happened in our field if they want design team awareness for Alcott price fifteen million euro the Liverpool team over the saga has been dragging and fall 1880 the club had been lingered with the German radical but overall there to him barring an idiot it still is coming for the enter cloud with twenty goal in 2100 legal teams decision the player has been linked up with a lot of Europe Mayer club now we'd have reported that the Germany's Klaus expire in afternoon meaning that clergy are not obligated to let him go for the values 50 million European male without his release clause there is not no telling how much the young striker my go for a 23 years old he's already scoring a chart a politic where that were world like like maybe an option for his services want to see a surprise that's beyond with the cow Edward will be frivolous to 5 it is was our nation we will sign him yesterday where nor was the potential to be one of the grid striker of his generation if given the right guidance to miss out and him now copy one of ours was mistake going forward he was and they're probably at the end facility to deliver for online time will awareness it's the Mars you

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