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BREAKING NEWS: Lebron James & LA Lakers sign Dion Waiters!


Okay, so we've got BREAKING NEWS out of LA that LeBron James and the Lakers have decided to sign Dion Waiters for the remainder of the season now after working out waiters and JR Smith this week the Lakers decided they were gonna roll the dice and give waiters island a chance to be that scoring punch Coming off the bench so on this journey I'm gonna break down the role that dion Waiters will play with this Laker squad as well as why and potentially how dion Waiters could backfire But also we're gonna be looking at the marquee matchups that the Lakers have this weekend as they take on the Bucks tonight as well As taking on the LA Clippers on Sunday Let's get into Welcome back to Journey of a Ballaholic the best talk show for basketball attics I'm your host General Hannibal X, now if this is your first time on the channel What you're gonna get here is my passionate and unfiltered opinion on the hottest NBA and college basketball topics Now if you're a ballaholic like me go ahead and hit that "LIKE" button smash that "SUBSCRIBE" and make sure you tap that notification bell so that you'll be updated whenever I drop new videos which is gonna be every Monday and Friday at 6 p

m Eastern Standard Time now before we get too far into this video Let's go down to the comment section below for the comment of the day I want to know, what do you think? Did the Lakers make the right move by signing Dion Waiters over jr Smith? Okay So first off let's look at the role that dion Waiters is gonna play which is like a squad now obviously we know he's gonna come off the bench giving them that scoring punch Now you got to keep in mind Dion Waiters and one of the reasons I think that they chose waiters over JR smith is that at this point in their career Dion Waiters is better at creating a shot for himself like JR Smith is the better shooter, pure shooter, but waiters is that guy you give him the ball He doesn't need LeBron He doesn't need Rondo

He doesn't need anybody to create a shot for him He's one of those tough shot makers and that's what the Lakers were missing off their bench Rondo is great at being able to facilitate and create shots for others and we still want that that dynamic that he's gonna bring especially when LeBron is not on the court But sometimes at the end of a shot clocks at the end in certain situations You need a guy you can say, here go get the bucket go get put the ball in the basket That's where waiters can do So I love this addition from the aspect of getting a guy that's going to be able to not only create his own shot But is going to drive to the basket a lot keep in mind last year 25% of Dion Waiters attempts We're on driving to the basket That's a very high percentage like other than LeBron James There's not many guys who drive to the basket for this Laker team A lot of this shots are created by LeBron and/or Rondo the Lakers actually ranked last, dead last in the NBA on Drive attempts to the basket Kyle Kuzma is at about 22% of his shots are coming from drives So we needed somebody particularly a guard To be able to break the defense down from the perimeter to be able to get to the basket and that's what Dion Waiters comes in Now he's not gonna be able to do that all the time as we know Dion Waiters is going to have to be able to play off of Rondo right be able to play off of LeBron He can't just be out there on "Waiters Island" all the time trying to create his own shot That's not winning basketball Here's the good part though Dion Waiters last season where he had his full season was shooting 39% from 3 39 percent is very efficient from deep and he did that on wide open shot So that's 39% percent, on wide open threes He's very excellent at being able to shoot from the left corner, which is good because Kuzma is good from the opposite corner So those two will be able to play off each other as scoring options on that second unit now Dion Waiters is no all defensive guy, right? We get that but Dion Waiter is a bulldog

He's tough That's one of the things I loved about the markers Markieff Morris signing was that he brought Toughness and dion Waiters at the guard position is going to bring toughness He's a guy who's not gonna Care about competing not gonna care about being physical That's what you want And the Lakers got that, now as we understand that in order to get him Into the lineup he has to take away from someone else It's addition and subtraction You add him that subtract from somewhere else and the minutes that will be subtracted from other people I don't think it's going to be a big chunk of minutes from any one particular player Now if there is one I would say alex caruso, right? he's been that kind of third guard with Rondo and kcp off the bench so I can see Caruso being that guy to take a little bit more of a backseat but I also think guys like Rondo as well as KCP you're going to see some of their minutes some just maybe like two or three here of Their minutes being taken away for waiters I don't expect Waiters to be a 20-30 minute per night guy I think he's gonna be in that 10 to 15 minutes per night When he's hot you keep him in when he's not you get him out of there and you put somebody else in there they can Do something different That's the good the bad is He is dion Waiters and he is available for a reason Listen Let's keep him 100 Waiters was with Miami Heat when he had a okay start with just three games But he has a lot of off the court issues we heard about the edibles You know the gummies weed gummies whatever that was, you know, he's supposedly calling out sick while he's posting Instagram pictures on a yacht somewhere like so we understand So the off the court, the focus, I don't really know if it was there with that Miami team maybe he just didn't want to be there

Nonetheless He's here He's in LA He's with the Lakers and he's got a chance to kind of extend his career This probably is gonna be his last stop if he doesn't maximize on his potential we saw Dwight Howard be able to do that And that's why he's had a resurgence in his career Specifically as a role player coming off the bench for the Lakers, so I think all in all I love the addition of waiters I think he, like I said he's gonna bring different dimensions that the Lakers did not have that's going to Complement the role players and the bench players that we currently have and it kind of sets up for some real interesting matchups Like I said early in the season Waiters was playing for the Miami Heat In his first game of the season He played against the LA Clippers and there was a big-time Moment at the end of that where waiters had been dropping three, after three, after three Bombing away as he normally does and he was in a situation where he had to defend their closer in the fourth quarter, Lou Williams He put the clamps on Lou Williams on ball defense swatted him Not once followed & stayed with him, swatted him a second time and in good Dion Waiters fashion came down on the other end of the court Stop pop drop the three nothing but net

That's what you want from waiters You're gonna get him in bursts You want him in bursts? And I think the Lakers will be able to get that so let's transition to what's coming up next because Waiters is going to be key but for tonight He's not gonna be there the Lakers have a marquee matchup tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks They're sitting there with the best record they've got the reigning MVP and they've been absolutely steamrolling teams Steamrolling GIannis is playing on a whole other levelhis PER is like I think it's the highest PER in NBA history he's playing like a Shaquille O'Neal type level giving like 30 points 13 rebounds almost six assists a block game, a steal a game like just doing it all doing everything But I think that's gonna come back to hurt them when they play the Lakers See in that first game the Bucks played the Lakers you gotta remember The Lakers they stayed in it for the most part they were in it Anthony Davis was going back and forth matching What Giannis was giving, but he wasn't able to match the career high night Giannis had from beyond the arc shooting the three-ball Giannis hit five threes! I tell anybody

you have to give up somethingin basketball It's about giving up something, right? You can't take everything away and they gave Giannis the outside shot and he made a career-high five threes If he's gonna make five threes, you just gotta tip your hat go to the other side of the court and get ready for the next game, right? So that's what happened I don't see Giannis making four or five threes tonight I see him and Anthony Davis canceling each other out But I don't see an answer that the Milwaukee Bucks gonna have for a motivated and a healthy LeBron James tonight I love Khris Middelton He's having a career-high season in points efficiency Rebounds

everything across the board playing excellent basketball in the 50-40-90 Club playing amazing But LeBrons a different monster, now I don't know if they will put Middleton on him or whether that's a Wesley Matthews but that's gonna be the x-factor for the Lakers winning this particular series against the Bucks cause of LeBron's dominance as I think Giannis and Anthony Davis will cancel each other out But then you got a matchup on Sunday and Sunday is the Lakers versus the Clippers This is the game Everyone wants to see the Battle of Staples Center the LA hallway series It's going down Sunday prime time And listen the Clippers just beat the bricks off Houston Rockets last night So they're gonna be but healthy, they're rested, they have their Marcus Morris the Lakers are now gonna have their Morris brother with Markieff Morris I don't know if Dion Waiters will be available for that particular game

But basically every teams gonna be healthy every teams gonna have their full staff for the most part and This we want to see! Now as I said LeBron is gonna be the x-factor in the Laker/Milwaukee game But I think LeBron and Kawhi are gonna cancel each other out in that particular matchup on Sunday And I think this is gonna be the Anthony Davis game He has to dominate that series both of the first two games It was 85-85 end of game one 86 86 two end of game 2

so going into the fourth quarter in both of those games were tied But they were able to close the Lakers were unable to close if the Lakers are going to win this game Which I predict they will It's going to be Anthony Davis in that fourth quarter in that pick-and-roll action with LeBron and/or on that box or mid post and Putting work whether it's Harrell, whether it is Marcus Morris, whether it's Patrick Patterson, whether it's Jymchael Green I don't care who's on him None of them are Superior defenders None of them should be able to contest him at the basket be able to contest his jump shot with the high arc that he has he should be able to put in work, I'm expecting a big game from Anthony Davis he Should be in that 30 35 maybe even 40 point range That's the type of night that he's going to have to put up for the Lakers to win listen, if you're a basketball fan this weekend right here is absolutely Basketball Euphoria

first of all I'm a Laker fan There's no question about that, right? So the Laker/Buck game tonight the Laker/Clipper game on Sunday, but I'm also a Duke fan So for the college basketball players or fans out there This Duke Carolina on Saturday like you can't ask for anything better than this But listen if you love Laker basketball like I do click this playlist right here You're gonna love some of the content that I got in there I also got another video that you'll definitely love check this out If you haven't SUBSCRIBED, please hit that "SUBSCRIBE" button now, I thank you for taking a look at this video until next time Peace!!!!

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