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BREAKING NEWS Kurt Caldwell, Willow O'vertoyou 5 Day Weather Forecast!


Good afternoon New York City it' s 3:15 PM Tuesday, May 21st This is Kirk Caldwell with NYCTV Local News

I'm fraught it's hot a lot Sun's got to not, until I've bought sunscreen Let's pass it over to Willow for our five-day weather forecast Willow O'vertoyou Here's the weather forecast but what does it matter you can't change it We're all gonna die like flowers, one day beautiful one day rot

Interesting forecast Willow Just because I show you five days doesn't mean you'll see five days You might only see three days or none this could be your last Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I sure hope not I have a dental appointment I am really looking forward to

Wow, well looks like there's a sunny day on that forecast over there Thursday the rain will let up but it will be back on Friday On Thursday I think I'll go to the beach Last time I went to the beach there was some guy that got his leg bit off by a shark

I have proof You took a video on your phone? I have his leg You wanna see? That's all that's left of him I'll show you Tell us about the weekend

The weekend is like a cold day in hell but two days and not in Hell It's right here on earth It's gonna be like frozen zombies that wanna eat your flesh but they don't eat your flesh because it's not worth their time because it all ends here It's all over You have made it abundantly clear that we need to stay indoors, locked down, holding our loved ones close

while trembling Now you get it Thank You Willow Life is short and having the right retort in court is like a sport

I'm Kurt Caldwell More to come after this

Source: Youtube

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