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Breaking News | Kodak Black Faces 60 More Years!


welcome to ghetto TV with C Street yeah that's right this Idol clickbait yeah codec black just got sentenced a little bit over three years a little a little bit on the phone years it was three years and ten months right so he just now got hit with two more gun charges he's gonna charge carries 30 years each as he's been labeled as a repeat violent a habitual violent offenders so he won't be facing 30 years for you to con charged at 60 years in total plus the the three years and ten months you just got sentenced to and he got another case suspended you know what I'm sayin that Jane facing like ten years so you know if you'll call that black fan uh I hope you'll patient person Kodak black he in it you know saying it's your boy C Street is hip-hop news appreciate you for checking it

Source: Youtube

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