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BREAKING NEWS : Kai Havertz to join Liverpool in 2020


Liverpool iPad help talk with bio Klipper concern Flyers skyharbor odds according to report in germany it is not the taking midfielder called command a fee of around 111 million euro Harvard exploit in the Bundesliga had Halford established himself as one after heart she owned properties across Europe with Barcelona by an unique and real madrid opted out to be keeping tabs under 20 years odd and German newspaper Bild climbed but labor pool have held up with Herbert and his agent above the perspective primal lingual Harvard's would start either out it big club record fee and won't be the second highest Bundesliga export export ever only behind us man Adam Bailey because Barcelona 155 million euros we're go German champions Bayern Munich hey blondie in town as the front-runner to LAN Chi Harvard who has twenty one goal and 23 s is across competition a competition in 125 ever sport by early percussion the Bavarian giant are renowned aid for hovering the league best alum having recruited likes a probate law and of ski Leon gorica Niklas Uli Serge Aegina Bri and just working week all present Europe but half outside earlier this year I'm Hans champion the next step must come for me but I'm not going to worry about and exactly that will happen I really don't know yet whether FC Bayern is to next a pride and pride step for me I also don't know whether foreign country would not be also trouble for me I really don't think too much about it all the moment I have that sub confident yes but Syme applies to other club as well and now beside but labor pool are seemingly ready to dance proceed what the Germany international who is under contract until 2022 you

Source: Youtube

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