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BREAKING NEWS : Jurgen Klopp urged club to sign Ligue 1 Goalmachine


liberal boss Jordan Club is stepping up his interest in Lila hitman Victor's ass in hand after opening the tile Scott deferred club is keen on the Nigerian international we have already spawned three teen girls in all competition for the league and styles of artists season awesome Han only giant lil Anjuli after they saw prepare to real Arsenal and was named the young player of the world in October it's called 20 goal in 1 billion science Cammeray a LAN from watts Lube last season and has continued in the Sam rage find on four affirmed in this campaign Club is looking to bolster his drinking option especially as Mohamed Salah is not a beauty in prawn of God as he was to season go ago Saleh who has been living with rural nadir scoring 4 14 4 goals in his first season at 1 pm

then 27 in al commission last season and has managed tweeting so far in this campaign several Premier League's Club have taken a look at awesome Han who has scored four goals in nine offense for the Super Eagles well except that it's only a matter of time before they will before us to cast it on achievement but would like to keep him at the stage where more I until the salmon for it what from friends get lil we all not consider being sport to 20 years old in January OC man is under contra for under four and a half years having well a five year deal when join you

Source: Youtube

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