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Breaking News In Jamaica March 10th 2020


the Ministry of Health health minister dr Christopher Tufton on taking the scene to address the country to our audience on COBIT 19 our reporter shamela pullin is present she'll be there to give us a report on whatever information presented whatever details we can get from that press conference afternoon everyone let me just apologize for the delay in in starting all right so let me welcome all of you and I'm going to read from a statement at which point we can deal with an exchange that may flow from that so thank you for joining this was this afternoon for what is an important development with the corona virus disease 2019 or kovat 19 but as it is referred to Jamaica they confirmed its first imported case of Pranav virus disease 2019 over 2019 here in Kingston the patient is a Jamaican female what travelled from the United Kingdom as you know has a que as cases of kovat 19 she arrived in the island on March 4th presented to the public health system on March 9th and has been in isolation since then based on the patient's travel history and symptoms health professionals suspected cove in 19 when she presented herself a clinical sample was collected and sent to the national influence center where lab tests confirmed the diagnosis today approximately 11:00 a

m the patient and family members have been informed of the development the patient's infection was travel-related based on the assessment however steps are in taken to prevent the risk of community spread the measures include The Dispatch of a health team to the home of the patient for assessment and initiation of public health measures the identification and contact tracing for all possible equals persons meeting of ministry officials with members of staff at the hospital unnecessary interventions that are required to be put in place in addition in addition cause travel restrictions remain in place in fact three countries have been added to the list of the five that were originally announced China Italy South Korea Singapore an Iran are the original countries that was previously made public we have added to that Spain France and Germany the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and foreign trade and I met this morning the ambassador's of those countries as well as the EU ambassador and I've informed them that based on the risk assessment of communities spread of the wire in those countries that

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