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BREAKING NEWS!: "Ik haat vrouwen en hier is waarom!"


Am i in frame? yeah man perfect Welcome to the news

Welcome to NOS Kort Today in the News: Child death is becoming a larger problem And what can YOU do about it? Watch child pornography That doesn't help today we are gonna talk about a transvestite that walks around in our school

Named Marvey Altena Marvey Altena is an average kid that no one understands Mom and Dad and Vicky VSCO Girls, do they save the turtles or not? I don't think they do! I think they do VSCO Girls use metal straws Because of that the turtles choke faster So they suffer less than with plastic straws But do they throw the metal straws in the ocean? That doesn't matter because they will end up in the ocean

And now the weather with a clone of myself Thanks for the weather clone I hate minorities! I hate women Especially the ones with vaginas Those are the worst

Break time This is gonna be the best news show ever We need to edit alot That was it for cute girl names That was the news for today this week Thank you Michiel Siers for joining me as co-host

See you next time See you next time on the news with Stoer

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