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BREAKING NEWS: Grand Prix Season 8 Info (Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled)


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and thanks for tuning in to Crashy News, where we bring you the latest in Crash Bandicoot news and updates! Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is still riding high following its win for Best Sports/Racing Game at The Game Awards with the continuation of the Grand Prix seasonal events The Rustland Grand Prix with its post-apocalyptic insanity has already debuted since mid-January

But as it has become tradition in a while now, when a Grand Prix begins, the community are already hearing from the grapevine about what the next one will be all about A famed figure of the Crash modding community, BetaM, has been datamining CTR: Nitro-Fueled ever since its release whenever an update for the game would drop, indicating what upcoming Grand Prix seasons would bring to the table And alongside findings from other figures such as COGMONKEY and Lolwutburger, we now have an overall idea of what's gonna happen in the eighth Grand Prix that would debut in mid-February Before we go any further, we have to warn you that this video contains huge spoilers, so if you wish to keep the surprise for yourself, please quit the video immediately Also, as previous datamines didn't entirely reflect on what past Grand Prix did bring due to change of plans, we're categorizing the subject as a rumor, so take all of this with a little pinch of salt

Starting off with the writings of BetaM, we know that the signature track of this Grand Prix season is codenamed T508_Toxic It should be reminded that Mega-Mix Mania used to be codenamed as T507_Dry_Land in reference to the sandy post-apocalyptic desert, while Gingerbread Joyride was codenamed T506_Luminous in the reference to the Christmas lights So in that case, it wouldn't be implausible to assume that the track resolves around toxicity, whether it's from the flora, the fauna or the air found in the environment Next, we have the driver entry for this Grand Prix, codenamed DriverJOE Taking the codename at face value, we know it can't be Komodo Joe as he's already apart of the base game and the only Crash character yet to appear in which Joe is in his name is the very obscure Joe Blow from the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans, and given how he's at the very bottom of obscurity, there's very slim chances it could ever be included

It's most likely that the codename is simply a red herring as the developers has become aware of the community datamining the game thus stopped writing the actual names of eventual character inclusions in the code Luckily, with the help of other findings, we know who that DriverJOE actually is Partly thanks to COGMONKEY, we've recovered the stickers that would be sold in the Pit Stop during this Grand Prix season, and they not only give a clue of who's the flagship racer but also a more precise idea of the overall theme We have stickers depicting pizza and hamburgers in a rubber hose style, with the pizza sporting a third eye and arm and the burger looking spoiled and greenish Then we have stickers depicted as emblems reminiscent of space program agencies such as NASA, with one including Koala Kong's face

We have a sticker that's another emblem but with an angular skull behind a rainbow We have a sticker of King Chicken but now green with a space helmet in exchange for his crown, possibly depicting a new skin And finally, we have stickers that most likely represent the flagship racer of the season, one of them being the portrait of none other than Emperor Velo XXVII himself, alongside what looks to be his signature emblem While Velo is already apart of the base roster in his real form, his fake form is proven by fans to be the most recognizable and appreciated version of the character, and if he gets included, this would lead to Nitro-Fueled providing the complete reunion of all playable characters in previous Crash racing games, all versions combined But aside of Velo, we now know that this season is themed around space, and that would likely mean that the track would take place on a toxic alien planet with weird fast-food drive-thru next to the road

Could this take place in Nitros Oxide's home planet, Gasmoxia? It's possible After all, from how the promotional comic for Nitro-Fueled depicts it, Gasmoxia is filled with some pretty toxic smogs due to pollution We also have a list of characters that'll be getting legendary skins as part of the space-themed season We naturally have a legendary skin for the flagship racer DriverJOE, who's most likely Emperor Velo, and it's very plausible that'll be unlocked through the Nitro Gauge But aside of that, we'll be getting skins for King Chicken as mentioned earlier, Koala Kong, N

Brio, the Nitro Squad including Tawna and even Spyro the Dragon Lolwutburger has also managed to recover preliminary animations of how some of these skins would play out in the podium We can see Tawna and Liz shooting with what looks like laser guns, as well as Koala Kong pressing a button on his belt to activate anti-gravity and float upwards Based of these animations and the overall space theming of the Grand Prix, these skins in terms of appearance would be in the same vein as the Star skins for Crash, Cortex, Coco and Oxide respectively Each Grand Prix season has always brought exactly three new kart sets to unlock alongside a whole set of wheels, and this one is no exception

Again like the driver, the karts no longer have their specific name written in the code and are given vague codenames based on three initials None of the initials in the codenames seems to correlate with any vehicles from Crash Tag Team Racing yet to appear in Nitro-Fueled, if we assume that at least one of those new karts would be brought over from that game and won't be all original creations So, when it comes to these three karts, there's nothing interesting to talk about However, there's an entry for a promotional limited kart that was previously discovered in the datamining of the Rustland Grand Prix and it has been updated with not only a new name but also an icon depicting how it looks This vehicle is shaped like a high-end "superkart" with a motorsport flair and bold colors, and it is now named the "Xfinity Flash"

Given that we had promotional tie-ins with Mondelez candies and the Call of Duty Endowment, we could assume that this kart would be a tie-in to the consumer cable brand Xfinity owned by Comcast This doesn't seem to make much sense until you realize that Comcast through the Xfinity brand is sponsoring one of NASCAR's series of stock car racing competitions, which means in short that this kart could be a NASCAR tie-in Speaking of name changes, a driver entry that was also discovered in the datamining of the Rustland Grand Prix got his name updated from DriverWhoAmI to DriverWhoCouldIBe No other info can be found about that racer other than the fact it is not linked to any season yet Although, the 7th Grand Prix datamine also revealed plans to include developer's time ghosts to be beaten in all CTR and CNK tracks in Time Trial Mode, so there's a possibility that DriverWhoCouldIBe, whoever it turns out to be, could be linked to that

That's all we have for today, we hope you liked the story And if you did, be sure to leave a like, share the video and subscribe to this channel to keep up with future updates For more regular coverage, also check the Crashy News website and follow us on social media Links in the description below This is Crashy News, leaving you with the quote of the day: "Tiny was a good fellow

He hated everyone and everything, but a good heart, nonetheless"

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