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Breaking NEWS: Chickamauga Carp INVASION Begins


what's up guys welcome back to another episode of BassQuest for riding on the high right now I caught some huge bats down there with Mikey got some videos coming back up on that but I get home today go out and do some work and I come back and all sudden one of my Facebook friends and another Facebook friend everybody's tagging me in this post well breaking news News Channel 9 here local news in Chattanooga they found those daggum Asian carp in Chickamauga Lake my home lake no God no God please no and their founding the silver carp already there's been a report of it they've got some pictures of it I'm gonna link the article down below in the description you guys can check that out but it looks like we've got the carp now and that begs a couple questions for me where did they come from you know they've been working their way down there in kentucky lake really big right now working their way down the top the tennessee river system and also working their way up some of the river systems as well you know i guess towards on their way to get inland lakes like that so is it's a curiosity to me how us being in the middle of so many of the lakes that are supposedly not affected how we're already starting to see them and that's very interesting because you guys know i'm out on the water two three four days a week sometimes and i've actually been seen the last couple years a lot of what I thought were gizzard shad but in the shallows fish that were jumping like that you know how you see silver trout there's no way out of the water I'll show a brief clip right here they're jumping way of the water that when they're frightened or scared and I've noticed that I've been on some flats from bass fishing I'll cut on the trolling motor and be rolling around and all said no see two or three fish jump you know two foot out of the water and they look like there's some kind of bait fish I'm kind of worried now that those might be those carbs so it's just the beginning of the end for Chickamauga Lake bass fishing I really hope not I know that that's really negatively affected in according to a lot of anglers like Kentucky Lake and a lot of these other areas you know it's miserable I talked to Cole sands one of my buddies that fishes for the Bryan College fishing team it's absolutely miserable for him you know when he goes to Kentucky Lake because you're on out there it's usually like a Ledge fishing tournament you can't trust your graph because there's a million carp everywhere they're inhabiting a lot of the same areas of the bastion what happens whether these carp from my understanding of things I'm gonna link some more articles down below because I've been reading up on this because we thought the carpocalypse was gonna hit us sometime within the next four to five years so for it to be already occurring is it's really disturbing news for one thing but it makes that question again how big of a nuisance are they is there a way to get rid of them and there's all kinds of things in the works you know people talking about you know designing some kind of pellets that only target the car that's been in the works for for some time now going out you know they have these massive carp shoots like on kentucky lake to try to diminish the population they're trying to encourage more commercial fishermen to target those carp species as well because apparently they're fairly good eating and at least as good as some of the other trash fish that you see targeted by a lot of commercial fishermen at this time so a lot of big news going around it's it's one of those things that's up in the air I'm gonna do some more research on it we're going to talk about it some more on this channel but I'm just curious to see what's happened again this is breaking news I don't have a ton of details the article itself is actually relatively short they basically say that they've had a confirmed sighting they've got confirmed pictures and they actually show one of them in the article itself so things are happening things are happening but you guys comment down below I want to know your thoughts what are some articles if you guys have been reading up on this topic as well what are some articles you have about carp control I know another thing that I didn't mention before is like the dams themselves they're talking about you know and they have in some situations put like these electric barriers up that keep the carp supposedly from going but then my question is well what if you have a huge influx rain right now so you know last year we had tons and tons and tons of rain they were pushing a hundred and eighty thousand I believe out of our local dams over here which is if you don't know it's extreme amounts of currents I'm talking spillways opened up all the way pushing Lakes to summer pool and beyond and it was crazy because they were already at winter pool so I can only imagine learning that we would have had if the lakes were at summer pool well right now we're experiencing the same thing while I was gone in Florida we had another big influx of rain so we had like four inches rain that was gone we had four or five inches more rain well now tonight and tomorrow they're calling for another three to four inches of rain so they're already running almost a hundred thousand out of Chickamauga Dam right now and I'm sure it's very similar and a lot of the other dams so again even if you're doing the electromagnetic system on the locks when you're running the spillways all the way open I don't feel like they're gonna be able to handle the sheer amount of water that are coming through some of those invasive species are going to work their way through so how will we as bass fishermen coexist and cohabitate with these new fish that are in our fishery one of the things that I've read that these fish do is they're very prolific so they spawn often and they spawn prolifically another thing that they do is they grow extremely fast so they don't stay in edible size for any predatory species for a very long given length of time so what happens is they outpace a lot of the Predators in the ecosystem and then they outpaced a lot of the other just fish species in general their plankton eaters so they feed on the same type of vegetarian type eaters or whatever they feed on the same type of things that are bait fish feed on so it to me it's going to be a stress on the shad population then you have these fish that are also growing too large for the bass to eat I think we're gonna see a Kentucky Lake situation when you see a lot of these skinny fish you see according to some of the reports I've read where the the carp will actually begin to produce so high that they become you know there's a certain biomass that's able to be sustained within a certain fishery or a certain body of water a certain biomass of fish and those carp can actually push themselves to the point where they can be eighty percent of the total biomass of fish so you think about all the amazing species of fish that we have in the river right now we have bluegill you know we have all kinds of pan fish we have all kinds of you know crappie we have perch just all the things you can imagine all three species of catfish that I can think of several species of bass there's a lot of just naturally occurring fish and of course I'm missing a million species together guys I can't imagine what the lake would look like if there was just the stupid car going around you know it's all one species of fish and you're you're trying to weed your way through and get rid of and I see these these videos of guys you know playing with them doing the you know the bow fishing thing running their boats through them and having them jump and stuff like that to catch them and it's funny in one way but at the same time it's really sad I'm concerned about what this is gonna mean for the fishery going forward you know Chickamauga has been on a high for a while now with TVA or TWRA I should say stalking in those Florida spraying largemouth creating the f1 hybrid which has really just changed our fishery in general you know before a four to five pound bass was considered a large fish you know you'd make the papers if you caught a seven pound bass now all of a sudden you know Chickamauga has been pumping out teener sized largemouth they're just getting bigger there's more and more giant fish Cod I think fish Dayton doesn't count on the amount of double digits that are caught from year to year I think right now as of last year they had over a hundred again double digit fish caught and I can tell you right now there's a lot of local guys that don't even report their catches just to keep pressure down on the the body of water as well so there's actually more caught than that but it's really sad to me to see or to think that we might be in for a major downturn it may be a lake ruining event because in my opinion and a lot of people's opinions you know lakeside kentucky lake are devastated and they may never be the same again TWRA a lot of these Wildlife Resources agencies along the Tennessee River change they have no answer for this invasive species right now there's there's nothing out there that I'm aware of that can really stop the onslaught the steady plotting of these fish through our waterways and so I want you guys to again comment down below any information you have I want I want us to kind of pull together and do what we can as community you know Chickamauga these fishermen around the Chattanooga area are extremely tight-knit a lot of these groups are let's see what we can do to help TWRA out I want to see some ideas floating around in there I'm going to be in the local Facebook forums as well trying to formulate some plans on how we can help avert this crisis you know if it's if it's actually coming how we can you know help further what needs to be done to get rid of this species manage this invasive species that's coming in and hopefully there'll be a sustainable solution that will be found for not only our waterways but for waterways all along the tennessee river system along other river systems that are being affected by this species but I hope y'all enjoyed it today it's not the kind of news that I wanted to give you after coming off of you know catching eight pounders and nine pounders and hanging out with Mikey for the last few days but if you like the video make sure to like it comment down below subscribe to the channel share it with your friends we're gonna be talking about this a lot I'm assuming over the next few weeks there's gonna be a lot of guys talking about it and hopefully we can start having some good dialogue that's going to lead to some solutions like I said before but love you guys hook this week find you out on the water and I'll catch you there

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