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Breaking News! BTS VS Black Pink, BTS and V's "Sweet Night" Breaks Adele's Worldwide Record!


Blackpink takes back the YouTube crown from BTS with record-breaking new video K-pop group Blackpink has broken the record for the most views for a single video in 24 hours with its new music video ‘How You Like That

’ The video racked up 824 million views within the first 24 hours of release on June 26 It ousted the previous record holder, which happens to be another K-pop track: BTS’ ‘Boy With Luv,’ which garnered 746 million views back in April 2019 This isn’t the first time Blackpink has held the record for most views in 24 hours on YouTube

‘Kill This Love’ earned the group this title back in April 2019, just before BTS snatched it up Black Pink now stands as the South Korean musicians with the most top 40 smashes in the UK, breaking out of a tie with BTS BTS’ “Black Swan” Breaks Adele’s Worldwide iTunes Record while V’s “Sweet Night” Breaks Solo Artist Record BTS’s track “Black Swan” swept iTunes Top Songs charts soon after its release, and it reached No 1 in at least 93 regions on the morning of January 18 This was the highest number of No

1s the group had ever achieved, and it only continued to rise as BTS’s fans ARMY had their sights set on a world record The previous song to hit No 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart of the most regions in history was Adele’s “Hello,” which did so in 102 regions around five years ago, in October 2015 Now, BTS has broken Adele's record and claimed the #1 spot on iTunes Top Songs chart in 104 countries There is another reason to celebrate for ARMY, and this time it's specifically regarding V

Taehyung released his self-composed single, Sweet Night, back in March There was zero promotion for the song but still, it hasn't stopped Sweet Night topping the iTunes Top Songs chart in 103 countries, making V the soloist with the most #1's and thus, breaking Adele's record It won't be surprising if Taehyung ends up beating BTS' record as Sweet Night is just one #1 spot away from Black Swan! Amidst All Their Success, BTS members are busy studying for an even brighter future On July 7, BTS' label Big Hit Entertainment revealed RM, SUGA, and J-Hope are enrolled at the Hanyang Cyber University's Graduate School for an advertising media MBA, and Jimin and V are entering the Hanyang Cyber University's Graduate School for an advertising media MBA this September Jin entered Hanyang Cyber University's graduate school in 2017, while the youngest member Jungkook is studying broadcast entertainment at Global Cyber University The members of BTS have been pursuing their academic endeavors despite their hectic schedule

It seems that even with the ongoing pandemic, the boys are set on furthering their education ARMYs, let’s take a leaf from BTS’s book and educate ourselves with a new Korean word today! CHICKEN PARTY Here comes 'THE EAT JIMIN' "MASITSEO?" means "Is it tasty?" CHICKEN LEG PARTY "MASITDA" and "MASITSEO" are actually the same word, with “MASITDA” being the root form

The difference is that “MASITSEO” can also be used as a question using a rising intonation, whereas this is not the case for the root form “MASITDA” So, the word "MASITSEO" can both be used to ask whether something tastes good, like “MASITSEO?” as well as be used to reply by saying “MASITSEO” with a lower pitch at the end THANK YOU

Source: Youtube

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