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BREAKING NEWS : Brazil International striker hints that he wants Liverpool switch


Brazilian striker Kapil but Rosa has a fun at the door to warm up to Liverpool in the city the Daily Mail he thought that boza a secret has decided to not stole Interpol in the schedule because he had mirrors to club and be Roberto Benigni keep up to slice with Tillman and the Brazilian team but also a friend the door got support to a potential little Street the 23 years of testing Maliki and one a flamingo decision scoring twice the win the Copa Libertadores for the island in the higher as reported by the daily meal but it was a song Filomena is free I really admire him he experienced success form for money and he has been busy he is an expression that I'm okay it would be a pleasure to flying with him my ID recon team or breathing in the people and the people in Spain this attended everyone wanted a Ferguson has opened disclosure intervention for a long period of time and his record in Europe is poor it has only scored once in 10 games for endo and once in 5 km over Benfica a tape-recorded sign with the International has been conference with Lena it would be erased it all depend on the price

Source: Youtube

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