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BREAKING NEWS : After Minamino, Liverpool agree deal to sign French Star


with the January transfer window honoring Plaza the amount of player fling with Ahmad to dress is growing by today children club has enjoy with success in 2019 but he is undeniably stretchered diem in the Intel area the media had been speculative about which spotted position will be strengthened for us according to equate runs led by the mirror Liverpool are facing metrical surface up to lose the 18 years old flat Bank has already made this any of the vault individual purnsley gone forints occurring against medicine man in our goals he has played three times island I equip believe the children clock is signing the flyer up with one eye on the future adding to the column influence of drive the internal at Anfield Liverpool sign match open chances he would like DBC as the long-term success of two under Roberts on we would also see a reduction in the planet debts chips beyond our flag that lack there despite a positive more on the words of God we can't climb to helps to give the land skin to clean with full bags especially with what we have talking to comparable engine for him whenever we are forced to start with without improvisation or plan applaud the fair has become it up to our takings flight and when they are out of the side is stronger at the moment we don't have any dedicated cover a full day we are instead going on selecting player out of this year namely ji Gomez and Steve no more reading them but the massive step forward

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