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[Breaking News] A fun dragon has been added! ! New card bulletin! [Hearthstone]


Whats'up! Henry I would like to announce a new card this time I'm sorry I think there are more cards announced at this time Announced after 5:00 All the cards will be introduced tomorrow And tomorrow morning All cards on the schedule have been announced

I'm looking forward to it Here are 5 types of cards I have forgotten to announce one kind of card yesterday, but I will introduce it as well Because it is also a card that is attracting attention among the 5 types of this time I would like to announce at the end First, there are two types of torrent cards One of them is a druid legend From the top 1 mana spell selection Whether to grant 2 health and provocation to a minion Summon 1 torrent of 2-2 You can simply use the first effect

Think of it as a one-mana spell that grants provocation I think it ’s quite convenient However, Torrents can also be summoned I personally thought that a card that Trent can summon with one mana will come And the legend card is 7 mana 5-10 There is also provocation The same stats as the ancient trees of the war And during this battle with a shout, your torrent will be +1 +1 Torrents line up side by side Because there are many cards that can be issued I think it has a great influence Let ’s look at the torrent cards in ascending order

A card that can summon a 1-mana torrent has come out I think that it became easier for tree scientists to be active So I thought it would come out With 2 mana 2-3, the effect is that you can find one spell with just one torrent It is very easy to use Furthermore, 2-2 and 2-3 are lined up on the board

The beginning is stable Then summon 2 2-2 torrents with 3 mana of landscaping You can also summon 2 more torrents with 4 mana in the garden gnome It seems that you can build a deck that summons a lot of torrents Of course, with the addition of the ending magic to the minions of the ally of the forest soul You can also be prepared to show trends at any time Add torrents to your hand at a lower cost There is a witchwood apple card You have to give a torrent later Trent is 2 mana so It may be a little difficult to use, but if you combine it with the forest It may be possible to balance as a torrent + token deck The second half of the card is amazing A card called 5 Mana Tree Conversator Especially amazing, but transforms all torrents into 5 5 ancient trees By 4 mana Torrents arranged on the board It has a very powerful effect that can be transformed into 5-5 at once I wanted to make a deck like this once The beginning was not stable But even a one-mana spell card might be completed In addition, it is a natural reinforcement that summons 3 torrents of 2-2 with 5 mana 6 Mana Toren Forest Manager has a card that can summon or buff two Trents And by giving a 7 mana legend All torrents will be buffed 1-1 next time, so the compatibility with the help of the forest is outstandingly good Giving the giant tree Gol on turn 7 and the forest on turn 8 3 5 torrents of 3 are available

Very powerful And you can use it once more The compatibility between this legend and the help of the forest is pretty good Another multi-mancher Excellent cost reduction every time a torrent is killed There are minions and Senarius There is quite a romance I loved the torrent deck, so I made it I couldn't play an active role in the previous environment, so I would like to make a new one in this environment Of course compatibility with common cards is also excellent, the top three are very powerful Token Druid used to be active I think we can build a deck that has a stable early stage, including the cards below I am looking forward to this environment For the wild environment Because the mana that moves around was strong Torrent type I think that the token deck can be made even in the wild

After that poison seed Torrent summoning while destroying, but the card that you summoned to your place +1 +1 buff in legend Wild has excellent cards as token summoning cards and buff cards The bottom three are also powerful I'm looking forward to it And the other druid card is special The effect is +2 +2 for all minions on your deck and costs 1 more Up to 10 Up to 10 Cost 10 cards will not go any further, but all other cards will go up The effect is similar to Cereses Instead it is 0 mana Because it has demerits A little damage

But if it ’s a dragon deck, it ’s a new 4 mana legend Cost 2 can be lowered, so it is quite powerful if you can use it in combination Instead of increasing one mana, +2 +2 increases the stats considerably, It is an excellent effect There is a possibility of entering the agro deck etc The bottom three Compared to rarely used deck buff cards I think it ’s an easy-to-use effect I thought about synergies in my own way Cost goes down I think it works well with giant cards

Even if the cost of the top three is increased by 1, Because the cost is reduced by the effect It is strong when combined Moreover, it is more powerful because it has 10-10 stats There is also a raid on the multi-mancha The rest is a runaway that can defeat the cost If you put it on the board, you can copy and minion It may be strong even when combined Until the copied card For example, the oasis surger is buffed 7-7 Comes out with 7-7 stats Instead it will cost 6 I think it ’s pretty powerful I think it might be a little more romantic, but I want to make it I like the effect itself looks fun

Next is the Epic card 2 Mana 3-2 screaming neutral card on your deck Reply everything to your class card Has a similar effect to the darkness I think it will be the following three meta cards Fill the bomb, When dirty blood is mixed If you can issue this card because you don't want to be disturbed You can work around it well If you build it so that you don't get too neutral, your deck will be less damaged The upper right King Togwaguru is a wild card, but I tried When you exchange this deck with your opponent's deck and issue this card, all your opponent's decks have neutral cards It changes to your own random class card And the opponent is Even if you get the deck back with a ransom card It feels like a strange card mix It might be interesting to do that May also go into construction Next is a card that I'm really interested in Cobalt sperkin This card is 5-5 mana 3-5 Add 2 spells with cost 1 of your class to your hand Is it similar to banana buffoon? Because you can add a light cost spell to your hand, I think the compatibility is good

Fire spirits, The auctioneer is a card that is very used in the current environment Miracle priest or combo priest, it seems that you can do many interesting things I checked this card closely Who do you think is a hero that can be used well with one-cost spells? A shaman is a damage spell that costs almost 1 cost The top four cards deal damage to a single unit And a card that gives out the attack minion, a card that gives 2 damage, a card that gives damage to both sides, and a card that can discover the cry after There are only these 7 types in the current standard, but it seems to be very easy to use I think that the place where there are many damage spells is excellent You can also combine it with the frog spirit Highlander shamans may enter And paladin has a lot of secrets First of all, there are 7 types of secrets in the environment

Some cards can be set twice Because it is all one cost, it is paladin specific This card is a dragon Paladin's secrets interfere with the board There are many effects I thought it would be surprising to be able to put it in Dragon Paladin I want to assemble a little There are 3 cards above that can be buffed with other cards Cards that can be drawn There are also jamming cards that change the opponent's attack power to 1 Since there are only cards that are fairly easy to use and easy to use, I think that paladin is also quite good And Mage strongest These 8 cards are the standard now The top four are damage cards

Below you can replenish your hand, line up your provocations, add your hand and put out a dragon None of them are powerful cards and hard to use Speaking of mage 1 mana spells Cyclone mage I think you can replace it with banana buffoons One mana spell is excellent Because it can interfere with the board surface, it is more powerful And in the wild, it ’s a quest type You can also make a deck Furthermore, if you insert a single card into Highlander Quest Mage I do n’t get in the way so I think it ’s possible Looks interesting

I think it's good personally I think Cyclone Mage is powered up a little with this card I think the key will be how 5 mana affects Let ’s see the wild Priest Raza Priest is powerful Highlander with Lazar Priest and 1 Hero Power cost You can attack with DK and Win DK and Win ’s hero power is If you use a card, you will be able to use Hero Power again So it works well with 1-cost spells 1 By packing a lot of costs May be combined with photothermal elemental Wildest most I think it ’s the priest that ’s right The bottom three cards also use spells This card is effective Such cards are quite priest I think there is synergy All wild priest spells are powerful There are 14 types in total First, there are 8 types

4 types of recovery cards below There are 4 types of recovery cards with immediate effect This is pretty easy to use The top four are damage Some cards can be drawn There are even cards that take away minions on the opponent's board There are also rituals that give resentment Strong In addition to the above three cards to add a hand There is a special card below There are no cards that are hard to use I think that there are few cards that seem to choose the situation, so it is more stable and easy to use Finally, Rogue

Because the minion is a dragon Newly emerged Works well with breath-taking cards This breath card I explained it in other videos Rather than reducing the cost of a drawn card by three, this breathing card reduces the cost by three I think it's easy to build a deck that draws a lot Miracle Rogue that was popular in the past I wonder if I can build a deck called by using a one-cost spell with an auctioneer Draw more and more decks Waxadread can also be put on the deck to make the board Then with one mana spell You can use a lot of cards, so it ’s great with Edwin and adventurers I was quite active in the environment now There was another type of drawing, Marigo Rogue, It is also quite powerful Burst cards are in the rogue, so it goes well with the Marigo Rogue deck You might be able to build a deck with lots of draws and a quick finish I'm looking forward to it I want to make a deck quickly

Thank you for watching to the end Look forward to the announcement of all the cards on the schedule for tomorrow's card announcement See you in the next video See you again See You!

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