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Breaking News: 8 Cases of Covid-19 Now in Jamaica – March 13 2020


good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with the midday news a special welcome if you're watching on one spot mediacom the nation is awaiting additional details from the Health Ministry as the number of Kobe 19 cases in Jamaica has increased to eight health minister dr Christopher Tupton assured you to have a press conference this afternoon six new cases have been reported to were transmitted locally one local case is a 58 year old man who is the father of patient zero he was discovered in at home on March 11 the second local case is a 34 year old woman who was in close contact with the patient a statement from the Health Ministry says the other cases include two males aged 63 and 67 who came in to the island on March 7 from Trinidad having traveled from Malaysia by way of Dubai and London a 36 year old man who traveled from Manchester England was also taken to hospital from his hotel via ambulance the other case involves a 31 year old man who is a Jamaican ship worker based overseas residents in Clarendon are not taking any chances with Kovac 19 dozens of people spent hours at a chemical factory to buy sanitizers and we have details in this report residents in mape and clarendon descended on this chemical outlets on the outskirts of a parish capital they were eager to secure sanitary products such as liquid soaps and bleach while some bought barrel loads others just needed a bottle or two but the aim was the same to sanitize their surroundings and help ward off over 90 mm Dempster if you use an sanitizer forget away the germs yes so we have to use from them so that try forget our religion from going wrong c'mon poppy or someone sanitizer blobs and so forth for the car wash you know it is very important but to do business Java sanitizer and I replaced properly sanitize the rush caused a strain on the staff at the facility annoyed by the delay some customers left look world could be requested to DSG it not be ramped up oh this can winema can a ruler whatever item a sheet on the bath machine master's TV genius effective Monday all external visits to correctional facilities in Jamaica will be suspended for two weeks the Department of Correctional Services says during the period the public will not be allowed to take food or care packages to correctional centers in a media statement the dcs said all the reprobation aftercare offices are still operational walk-in visits to these locations will be suspended at the end of the two weeks there will be a review Commissioner of Corrections Gamma Rho says the decision to suspend visits was made in consultation with health officials external stakeholders and it follows the government's decision to halt all public gatherings more than four thousand inmates are at correctional facilities island-wide the carbon disaster emergency management agency says swift action must now be taken by the region to curtail the spread of kovat nineteen corrent Lee there are 26 confirmed cases of the virus within the Caribbean led by Jamaica with eight and Dominican Republic with five speaking with TVJ news this morning head of cinema Ronald Jackson says there needs to be significant changes in how we operate as a regional approach notice in the cabin must be to move swiftly towards containment to slow transmission and see how best we can reduce the burden to the health sector mr

Jackson says edema has not been called on to provide any support to the region but they are getting themselves ready for the eventualities the conversation we've been having is on first and foremost rapid medical teams what it is they will be needed and so how do we ensure that they are safely with function in the space we had an initial meeting with the community of donors just to sensitize them to the fact that the alert level was raised to moderate and then to high and and to share with them the known knowns and the known unknowns in terms of trying to get a better understanding of of needs and gaps short scenario desktop exercise is doing what ifs with members with handle most of the country but also for the regional respond if necessary butchers and all meat establishments are being reminded to prepare meat properly in accordance with regulations from the Public Health Department in light of the corona virus which originated in a meat market in China mayor of Montego Bay Houma Davis said butchers must abide by the law it brings to our attention even more now how we dispose of the waste animals what contamination that can have to our public space or waterway to our environment we don't know he says the regulations are being put in place to protect consumers ten times we are told that animals are slaughtered in a way in which it is not fitting and these animals sometimes are not fit for human consumption we have read on a note of occasions where animals or strolling animals that were undergoing medication animals that were pregnant and end up please and Mayor Davis was speaking at a sensitization session for butchers in Montego Bay Jerry & Nephew Limited has reopened its Spanish town facility but says it's taking no chances the company is now requiring has acquired rather a temperature check machine which are they are using to check everyone entering the facility additional equipment infrared thermometers that started working to enable our health team to make the necessary checks as well as of course ensuring that a really tight arrangement is is in place with respect to to to cleaning and making sure that everything is ready of course speaking Spanish the management closed the plant on Wednesday after discovering that an employee had come in contact with Jamaica's first confirmed Cove in nineteen case the plant has been opened following extensive cleaning at the facility and it's time for a break here on the midday news but stay with us we have more stories right after these messages welcome back and we're continuing the news the tax administration Jamaica has extended the deadline for income tax returns to be filed this year decision has been taken to extend the income tax filing deadline to Wednesday March 25th 2020 this means that companies partnerships self-employed persons and employed persons with other sources of income will now have until March 25 20 20 to file their income tax returns for the 2019 filing period an estimated returns for 20 20 all hype and no substance that's how the opposition spokesman on Finance mark Golding views the fiscal policies outlined by the finance minister in his opening budget presentation mr Gordon yesterday ripped into some of the proposals in his contribution to the budget debate reduction of the standard rate by 15% from 165 the government should have gone further for the people what we see is the government giving away three billion dollars to the owners of the financial sector by cutting the asset tax in half that three billion dollar tax break will flow right to the bottom line of the owners of financial institutions ordinary customers of the banks for been enduring high levels of fees to protect customers from excessive fees and charges but the government the government has left without even ensuring that something is done mr Golding went further last year when the government chose to give a big tax break in the last budget to real estate developers at that time I question the fairness of giving so much of the tax giveaway that 14 billion dollars doing so much of it to set us up real estate when ordinary Jamaicans were bearing over 30 billion dollars that was added to indirect taxes in 2016 and 2017 this plea was fell on deaf ears and we were we were ignored so far that tax break has benefited the sales of units in projects which had already begun before the tax break was even given and it says therefore ended up as a big windfall for property developers of projects that had already started before that tax incentive was given we continue to question the fairness and effectiveness of the overall tax policy of the government the fact is that other than mining construction has been the worst performing sector back to kovin related news despite assurances from the Health Ministry about the availability of protective gear and hand sanitizers for the health care workers the Jamaica medical doctors and Association J MDA is still wants strong action to be taken against persons who steal the gear and we have details in this report stakeholders have been concerned about the availability of protective gear in responding to the parliamentary opposition in the House of Representatives on Tuesday health minister dr Christopher Tufton said there were enough gear in stock he said an assessment would be done to see which workers are without while speaking on beyond the headlines on Thursday president of the Jamaica medical doctors Association dr

Ellen Thompson said workers are being told the items have been provided by the ministry but staff members are not seeing them in health facilities I've heard about those that tend to storage behind sanitizers it's out of stock you go to work and all all the rules in the clinic's are fitted with hand sanitizers and all of a sudden when the doctors come in here of gone missing what goes missing is what is in a portable bottles or is in they complete canisters are fixed in the walls are not working so the portable hand sanitizer does know that you know can be move dr Thompson also wants legal action to be taken against persons found stealing critical items it is a situation where there are unscrupulous who are taking these items in a time like this when we are having national Kotaku crisis right we need to find these person and make sure the law in the meantime president of the Nurses Association of Jamaica Carmen Johnson added that the availability of water has also been a problem in health facilities known in wartime to them well we can wait or 10cc honestly what we put in place 36 or someone start to move on that reality we have management are really on the nonchalant turns more TVJ news news overseas came and has recorded its first case of the coronavirus premier alden mclaughlin announced yesterday at a media briefing that the patient is a 68 year old man from italy he was transferred from a cruise ship for a critical cardiac issue it's reported that he was one of two sick passengers taken of the cabin princess on Monday the ship did not dock in Cayman nor were there any passengers allowed off the Italian man was taken directly to isolation while the second ill passenger was airlifted to Florida the man is doing well and is still in isolation in hospital Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez declared a state of emergency for a period over 15 days in an attempt to stop the spread of corona virus in a televised address on Friday Sanchez announced the measure to protect the country's most vulnerable he noted that all available resources will be used to tackle the extraordinary crisis the number of deaths in Spain increased by some fifty percent in a day to reach 120 infections dumb to 4,200 mr Sanchez said the figure could end up at or top 10,000 by next week and in sports scene a Jamaican track and field athletes are being advised to refrain from competing in countries affected by the spread of the kovat 19 coronavirus this position was taken following telephone discussions on Thursday between sports minister olivia babsy Grange and president of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association dr Warren Blake on Wednesday the sports minister told TVJ sports about plans for a meeting involving her ministry and the heads of some national sporting associations she has consulted some presidents via telephone and will speak with others in due course the ministry has also dispatched letters to all sporting Association the Prime Minister did indicate that we are restricting travel our keys were recommending in speaking to the various Federation's about the impact of traveling overseas and running the risk of picking up the virus that's that's also a consideration several national representatives are scheduled to compete in the Diamond League series which has a total of 14 meets starting on April 17 in Qatar however the Jamaican government has imposed travel restrictions on five countries including China Italy and France which are all slated to host Diamond League meets the second meet in the series is set for May 9 at a venue to be decided in China while the Shanghai Diamond League the third leg of the series is slated for May 16 also in China the Rome Diamond League in Italy is set for May 28 while France is listed to stage the Diamond League in Paris On June 13 vice-chairman of the Premier League clubs Association Carlos Stuart says the red stripe Premier League will be suspended for the next two matches match days in accordance with the government's restriction on permits for public gatherings stuart however says there are yet to decide the way forward after the proposed 15 days the announcement was made at the Jamaica Football Federation head office on Thursday morning and all Elite Football in England has been suspended until at least the 3rd of April as a result of the spread of the coronavirus all Premier League games EPL fixtures and matches in the FA Women's Super League and the Women's Championship have also been postponed the Premier League said action would resume on April 4 subject to medical advice and conditions at the time the Football Association said England's games against Italy on the 27th of March and Denmark four days later are all off and that's it for the midday news I'm Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production team good afternoon

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