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BREAKING MY SILENCE … | Resumen y traducción


The world seems to be collapsing around us and the last thing they need me to do it is fueling hatred by posting my evidence and voice messages But I know that some of you need answers

As well as a late apology for the role I played In December 2019, after the Jeffree and Shane (second) series ended, James Charles came to my house in Los Angeles And we compared messages, texts and stories of what had happened behind the scenes We apologize to each other, we forgive each other and we agreed to wait patiently until it was safe to share my story Since that night, James has repeatedly said that he wanted to be by my side for this video

But I felt that it is important that you do it alone Because he deserves my first apology

And I'm really sorry, James And I said it privately but I want you to listen to it publicly

Sorry James Charles has made a fair amount of mistakes, has been in scandals, we all have been But I always believed in him Since he had a strange ability to improve himself from any situation In the past, if you were angry, it never lasted long

However, before last May's scandal, I started to get frustrated with what I perceived as a growing sense of superiority And I felt that he was making some harmful decisions that they could jeopardize his career and health None of my concerns were overwhelming, until after I met Shane Dawson When I made my video, I expressed my views on the James Charles compartment I expressed how much one of his specific decisions, which I perceived as treason, hurt me

I was very worried and heartbroken, but I didn't lie in that video I never called James Charles a predator And I never said that James Charles was a danger to society My video was not maliciously made I did not openly publish any of the horrible behind-the-scenes accusations Although she was definitely mad at him accepting a sponsorship of my brand's biggest rival: Halo Beauty, I didn't make my video for the vitamins

I did it as a result of the poisonous lies that fed me Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star After uploading my video, I never received a demand, or some cease and desist letter I only privately posted my video on YouTube's request, because YouTube said it was a bad image for the platform The information they were giving me (Jeffree and Shane) was terrifying I thought your career and freedom were in jeopardy (James)

I was trying to get you to leave your cell phone and get help because they told me that there were many victims who were going to speak in public to destroy you I was stupid to believe them I was afraid I thought if I pointed out to you publicly you would drop your cell phone and you would stop the harmful behavior that made me think it was real And instead, I allowed Shane and Jeffree to put a wedge between our friendship

My intentions with Jeffree were good But I was very innocent for believing that I could help him become a better person Which brings me to another rather overdue apology Jackie Aina The moment Jeffree messed with you, I was naive

I was excited for the video (shot by Jeffree and Tati) I mistakenly thought you would provoke Jeffree because you were angry because I recorded with someone who has a history of being labeled by others as racist Jackie, I apologize for not doing the right thing and walking away from him I shouldn't have been blinded to the reasons for his racism accusations I shouldn't have defended him And I regret all the damage I could have caused you

In 2018, I saw from afar what happened in "Dramagedon 1" with Manny, Laura, Gabriel and Nikkita That must have been a big red alert for me of what happens when Jeffree is unhappy with someone When Shane Dawson's first series with Jeffree happened, all outward appearances showed that Jeffree was indeed changing for the better He was accepting responsibility for things that had taken place in the past, and she was committed to being a better person I believed

Again On the two occasions that I did go to his house, I didn't stay long because I don't smoke marijuana, and I just don't like being around it In the same way, he came to my home on some occasions and did not stay long either So much of our relationship was through Face Time, phone or texts but I always heard from him when he was involved in drama, or when he had a new release about to premiere

Although I recognize this pattern, any suspicion I had of being used, I was clouded by the hope that he really cared about me And that it was a positive influence on his life One thing that it did that worried me a lot, it was like he frequently commented on all the land he had from other business owners and members of our YouTube community I'm sure he helped blackmail stuff on a lot of people, and it was possible for him to destroy the entire makeup community In my opinion, he is going to let go, people and

I don't think anybody I don't think he is going to stop and I think we should be prepared It is not right, it is not right to try to control people for them to say things that they would not otherwise say Not well

Back to 2019, Jeffree started saying much worse things about James Charles than usual It seemed that doing so had become his greatest obsession It started with him telling me, just before we recorded the collaboration together, for the james Charles channel, that James Charles actually didn't want me there That I wanted NikkieTutorials in my place But Jeffree said he would take care of me

Things got worse on my birthday, every time James Charles turned around, Jeffre would tell me that James Charles was out of control He even called and texted me the next morning to apologize for James Charles' behavior at my birthday dinner And to say how embarrassed he was for me At first I took it as jealousy, because James Charles' career was growing exponentially at the time But, as the weeks went by, every time I saw or talked to Jeffree, It seemed to me that James was the only thing I wanted to talk about

I even ran into Jeffree at his Killer Merch offices in March to discuss Jeffree developing and creating my merchandise And at the same time that we toured his warehouse, which was full of products from Sisters Spparel (James brand), It seemed like the only thing Jeffree could do was speak up about James Charles In the following weeks Jeffree started talking to me about how Shane Dawson he was my big fan and he wanted to meet me And how she should be involved in her documentary series Eventually, Shane approached me by message and started sending me DMs on Instagram

Shane said she was the queen of makeup reviews on YouTube, that it was her favorite beauty channel and that she wanted me to teach her everything about makeup I was honestly excited to meet Shane, I wish I had investigated it more, I wish I had seen his old videos, I wish I had educated and been aware of its past content All I knew at the time was that Shane Dawson was YouTube's most loved documentary maker So I invited him to my home to play with makeup and get to know each other Shane came one afternoon in April, and I opened up and told him things that I have only told my closest friends

I shared that I am a victim of sexual assault, I told him about my beliefs, and I told him about how deep I feel about people He told me that he was "empathetic" and that he could feel all my pain He also told me that Jeffree wanted him to have a little space in his documentary series But that the series was changing rapidly because something horrible was happening in the community surrounding James Charles He said that James Charles was a monster with many victims

Yes, I knew that Shane was friends with Jeffree and that they were working together, but I said to myself Why Shane Dawson, the king of truth on YouTube, Was he turning against James Charles, unless these things were real? Why would Shane sit at home and spend so many hours telling me these horrible accusations, if they weren't real? Shane said that James Charles was a monster, and that James Charles was hurting minors Shane said he was planning to interview victims for the documentary series He told me that something had to be done to stop him and not hurt more people In the following weeks, he and Jeffree fed me so much information that I felt disgusted Almost every day there was new information and new accusations, Eventually, I started to believe what they said because they claimed to have evidence

Around when the James Charles promotion drama with Sugar Bear Hair it reached its limit, I was more than angry Shane Dawson not only knew about my "Bye Sister" video, offered me help to edit it, he even offered to help me create the thumbnail, and help me put a title on it I declined the offer, but his gesture made me realize that he was telling the truth For what other reason would you jeopardize your career? Jeffree was surely telling the truth too Keep in mind, that up to this point, I didn't even know I was going to make a video, so how is it possible that so many editorial media knew that something was coming, before I even made the decision to record? I struggled with the decision to record my video for days, the night before he did film, Jeffree sent me what he says was an audio file of an alleged victim, and told me to listen to the pain in his voice

The audio was clearly a small version of a larger conversation, it was not enough to contact the authorities, but it was enough to scare me away It was not my place to contact the authorities, or the alleged victim, and I made no mention of this in my video The night before uploading my "Bye Sister" video, I texted Shane, sharing my concerns about James Charles, that he was out of the country, on a high floor of a hotel, and he was afraid that he would hurt himself, Shane answered me and said that I didn't have to be nervous on the 50th floor, that James Charles was a narcissist and would never do that The day the video was released, Shane asked me for permission to come to my house and record and document what was happening, I rejected it After a few days of Jeffree feeding the flames on Twitter, no victim appeared, unlike what they said would happen

And no evidence came to light, unlike what they said would happen

Source: Youtube

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