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BREAKING! Moscow Mayor: 300,000 Muscovites (2.5%) Have COVID-19; Unconfirmed Mortality Rate Is 0,31%


The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Russia is approaching the mark of 180 thousand people The figure is large but does not reflect the real picture

According to preliminary estimates, only in Moscow, several hundred thousand carriers of the virus were not detected According to screening studies, they are in the region of 2 – 25 percent of the total population of Moscow In terms of numbers, this is about 300 thousand Our task is to identify these people as much as possible

For what? In order to quarantine them so that they do not infect their neighbors or working colleagues The work to identify new cases of infection is gaining momentum every day Over the week, the number of tests in the capital was doubled – from 20 thousand people a day to more than 40 thousand Plus, the capacity of the laboratories themselves, which give a conclusion, has also doubled In addition, we use rapid tests to more accurately work on sick people We have 45 COVID centers working 24 hours a day and seven days a week, they also diagnose patients

Naturally, along with the frequency of diagnosis, the number of cases detected is also growing, but they replenish statistics on morbidity to a lesser extent Early detection makes it possible to stop the disease, experts say, as well as organize the necessary treatment, prevention, and isolation from others This is also evident by the sensational results for the metropolis – for two weeks there has been no increase in hospitalization, and over the past day and for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, 313 more patients were discharged from hospitals than was delivered The dynamics are positive, but the mayor of Moscow is in no hurry to talk about a quick return to his usual life Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to restore the work of some industries

Millions of people, deprived of work and earnings, are no less difficult than an epidemic We believe that there are conditions to give people the opportunity to come to work These are manufacturing, industrial and construction sectors Why are these sectors exactly? Because we are talking about closed production teams that can provide control over the condition of workers, sanitary standards Monitoring compliance with sanitary standards will be carried out in public transport and on the streets of Moscow and the region

From the 12th of May, wearing personal protective masks and gloves will become a prerequisite For their absence, there will be fines up to 4 thousand rubles

Source: Youtube

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