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'Breaking Me' DJ Topic Talks Chris Brown, Wu Tang Clan Influences, Making Of 'Breaking Me'


Hey guys, it's Topic here on ICRT FM 100 Hey everyone – listeners and also viewers of ICRT's Today we're reaching out once again and we are going to Germany for the first time so joining us as a DJ who is Coming up especially here in Taiwan on the digital streaming charts Joey: his DJ name is DJ topic and it's Tobias joining us here on ICRT What's up, DJ topic? Topic: Hello

Nice to meet you You started being a DJ when you were 16, like a very young age, how did you get into it? I actually became a DJ later like was 23 or something I became music producer was 16 and I got into it because of my music teacher He showed us in in school just how to produce music in logic and I really got hooked to it and Then it became a hobby and I just made music for five six years just for fun, and then got bigger and bigger so that's how I got into it So you didn't step into becoming a disc jockey until you were 23 Yeah Oh, that's interesting because that's kind of the reverse for a lot of people – a lot of people become a DJ first and then produce Yeah it's true, uh huh (did you

) For me it was the other way around – like I was producing dance music and everyone said like yeah you gotta- you gotta be DJing and I was alw ays like nah I'm not a DJ huhuhEYch So growing up- growing up, because, because you're from Germany, there are a lot of great DJ's coming from your side of the world I grew up with ATB, but now we have, you know, Paul van Dyke We have DJ Zedd, Robin Schulz Who were your, you know, producers that you looked up to when you first got into music? What I liked in the beginning when I was just producing music it was Timbaland actually Topic: was more hip-hop based Joey: Okay When I started dance music, it was like Swedish House Mafia Topic: Andd, Martin Garrix, all those those kind of guys

Joey: Okay, so the big names Well, Martin Garrix is- uhh, younger than you, right? When I started dance music, he was already around, like, yeah, I I produced my firstuhlike I released my first song 2014 (Yeah) And he was already around So you for I mean, you've already worked with some pretty big names I mean, Nicky Santos, you worked with Aly Brooke And, of course, this time, Swedish DJ A7s, is that how I pronounce it? Topic: Yeah, but he's the singer

He's not a DJ Joey: Oh, so he's a singer He's kind of mysterious Isn't he? Yeah Okay So with all these big names, you know, who do you think is the next person you want to work with? Like who are you looking at on your on your short list? Ah There's so many names on it, but yesterday I dropped Topic: To a friend of mine like who asked me the same question and I told him like Chris Brown would be sick

Joey: No way I did not see that coming Okay, so you you are interested in like the vocalists of different genre Yeah Did you- okay, did you listen – I have a feeling you're someone who listened to a very different kind of music growing up What do you think is, uh One song that if you tell your fans you listen to when you were younger, they would be, you know, surprised by? Probably a lot of Topic: Wu Tang stuff Joey: Oh no way! Wu-tang Clan ain't nothing mess wit- you listen to that when you grew up? (Yeah) Oh my goodness Okay Okay So yeah, you did listen to a lot So So let's talk about this new song which dropped, um later last year and "Breaking

Me" was a production with, like we said, kind of a mysterious Swedish singer When did you create this song? And what was the like when you first- when did you- how did you hear the melody? What was it like when you first produced it? So we were in a session in Berlin and summer of 2019, (yeah) when we went into the session and like started the idea and How we only had the melody first – didn't have any lyrics – the production was also not so far But then we just had the song and the idea for 2 months and we didn't touch it and then we went to Miami For a songwriting camp and we listened back to it, and we were like, I wish I could finish this one Okay, so it's been around it's been in the pocket back pocket for quite some time And so well right now, of course the whole world is in kind of a lockdown so you can't really travel But I hear that you're still connecting with the world

You're- not only through social media, but are you doing gigs online? Ahhh euhhh, I've did some Like, uh, did some livestream stuff (Yeah) Annnnnd I'm honestly not the biggest fan of it because it's so weird that when you make dance music and people listening on the Topic: on the phone Joey: yeah, yeah no speakers and everything but There's gonna be more stuff of that, that I'm doing Okay, do you know any any dates coming up for- for the gigs? Or so- right now, just stay close to your social media? Yah, yahp- I'm gna poast it- yahp e v e n t u a l l ee but I don't haa(??) So look online for DJ topic- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – do you have twitter? Topic: yAhp, yah Joey: Oki, and are u on tik tok??? Yeah, i'm also on TikTok Okay, so there you go Follow DJ topic everywhere and you'll find out if he's doing a live gig somewhere even though he doesn't like it I mean, I don't think any DJ likes it because dance music you need to get the energy of the people, right? Yah, exactly, yah I mean, it's not it's not that I hate it but it's like really missing that that part Yeah Well, like you said, Germany is starting to slowly come out of lockdown So hopefully soon the whole world will be and we can be, and we can see you live In the meantime, enjoy DJ topic and "Breaking Me"- YouTube video is out

How- were you happy with the, eh, music video of "Breaking Me"?? Oh, yeah, I was really happi umm we Dancer who's also on tiktok? (Yeah) Ilara(?) (Yeah) joined the video and then we just flew to lissabon on this one and Now we just didn't really have Like a big plan of what we do We just say like let's try to make some nice shots and everything and We like how it turned out that That's the best way to do it and it felt really organic And by the way, the post-production of the music video is amazing the nice nice little touches that you guys put on it So go check out the music video everyone and we got DJ topic with us and thank you for joining us over zoom Yeah, thank you

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